Thursday, 29 January 2009

I so do not know how to do this so here goes!!! I have put a tutorial together for the beads that you see in my avatar! I found this reaction and a couple of people commented on it so I thought I would share! If you want to acknowledge me if you make and sell these then I ain't gonna turn down free advertising but this is probably like dots we all do em!!! There are loads of opportunities with various colours that I have not found yet so go on play and have fun!!!

There are 5 pictures above and go in order of the process from left to right.
Step 1: make a base bead in your chosen colour (white here!)
Step 2: place dots of Rubino Oro round the equator of the bead and ink blue round the edges of the bead
Step 3: melt the dots in
Step 4: place dots of opaque pink in the centre of the Rubino dots
Step 5: melt in

Ta Dah!!!!

Enjoy and let me see what you create please!!!



  1. Oh Sam thanks for sharing. I've got Rubino what is ink blue - effetre or something else and does it matter what pink is in the middle or doesnt it have to be a specific one. I just love those beads Sam! Super!! :0))

  2. lovely beads thank you for the tutorial

  3. Nice tut Chica ;)

  4. thanks for sharing, hon :) the beads are beautiful! xox

  5. Wonderful tut, thanks for sharing it with us