Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Belita Beads

Belita Beads
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I finally got some torch time and whilst ideas lacked for sets etc I managed to make 5 more Belita beads. These gorgeous little beauties are waiting to be cored with silver tube and will then be available to buy. The bracelet is also handmade by me and the Belita beads will fit onto it!! I am quite excited by these and very glad to be able to offer them to you for sale very soon

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Eeek I am sooooo sorry!

I have been really poor at blogging lately and simply this is due to the fact that I have not got a huge amount to share with you. What with my new job and all that I simply have not got any beads made and there is only so much you guys wanna hear about my life eh ;o)

Life is good still I am very happy and settled. I would like more bead time but that will fall into place and I am not gonna get stressed about it cos that ruins my mojo when I do get into the shed! My 2 girls are fine. Imogen is 13 in June and Savannah is 5 in June...doesn't time fly! Both ages bring with them a different set of challenges but we seem to be doing good right now they are both doing well at school and not getting into any difficulties that I am aware of.

Tony is fine the talk of redundancies that was being banded around 3 or 4 weeks ago seems to have gone quiet so we are keeping our fingers crossed that all has settled and now the weather is improving work will start to come back in. All in all things are plodding along!

I am loving my new job very much. I swore I would not go back to shifts and weekend working but actually it is not to bad at all! I seem to get a little more time to myself like if I am on a late shift then I have the morning to myself. Not really enough time to get into the shed but enough to do a bit of housework and keep on top of things, I get into my shed in the evenings still for a few hours a week. Working with patients again is so brilliant I have a real sense of achievement after each shift. The people I work with are fab and have made me feel really welcome.

I am hoping for some shed time tomorrow evening so hopefully more bead pictures will be on their way soon. I have made some rose murrini which I am playing with still so I hope to have some bead sets with roses on them to show you soon. I am waiting for my silver core stuff to arrive and then I will be making my Belita beads again to see as per my last blog so I am still beavering away just not as high profile as usual!!

I hope you are all well stay with me guys things will pick up again soon and I will have eye candy for you to drool over LOL


Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Long time coming but finally.....

...I have got my head around the Jens Pind weave in chain maille and have made it small enough to go through my Belita Beads (silver core beads). I am therefore proud to announce that coming very shortly I will be offering the full system both bracelet and beads for you to design your own bracelets. I am quite excited by this and hope it will go well I think it is a fab idea to be able to offer a more affordable option to the Troll bead and Pandora bead systems but which also is compatible with them. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with these systems please google Troll beads, Biagi, Pandora or Chamilia to get an idea! A modern take on the charm bracelet and so easy to swap and change your beads around to match whatever outfit you are wearing.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Post and run .... again

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Sorry just seem to be so darned busy at the moment. I have had time today to play with Jens Pind again in chain maille and something just clicked and I can do it!!! I bought little rings so I could make bracelets for my Belita beads (silver core beads) sadly only my uncored ones fitted so I have ordered some smaller beads and will now be able to offer you a bracelet that you can out your beads on!!! Well soon anyway!

Hope you are all ok

Friday, 9 April 2010

Lily the pink

Lily the pink
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Just wanted to show you these simply cos I love em.......

Have a fab weekend guys hope the sun shines on you all

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Some sad news....

Lavender frosties
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Sunday evening I was just about to start a torching when I had a visit from my mum and dad. Sadly my Uncle had died earlier that day. He was the oldest of 3 children with only 11 months between him and my dad and he died following a long ish illness with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy and Picks disease. Sadly we watched my Grandad die of it as well in 2000. Diagnosis can only be confirmed post mortem but we are gutted!

I am not gonna bore you anymore but please google PSP and learn a little about a horrible disease that may affect you or your family one day. I am planning to do a charity run later this year for it more news to follow

My cousin Steve (my uncles eldest son) is running the London Marathon later this month to raise money and awareness. If you want to donate please follow this link. Please do not be offended by my blatant advertising of this donation is purely voluntary and I only highlight is as it is a subject close to my heart.