Friday, 30 October 2009

Flower brooch

Flower brooch
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Mmm...I love to diversify a bit and this is my latest venture! Polymer clay and my Sizzix Big Shot, some leather and suede samples and Bobs' your uncle!!! This simple brooch would be fab worn in loads of different ways! You could clip it to your handbag, or wear if on your scarf or clip it to your wooly hat or simply as a brooch! The possibilities are endless. Like this? it will be available in my Etsy shop later.

Dont' forget to leave a comment about my little snowman to be in with a chance to win! See Yesterdays post!


Thursday, 29 October 2009

Snowman Pendant Prize Draw

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I am not one for whimsical beads but each year around this time I do like to make themed beads. Last year some of you may remember my absolutely hysterically cute but sad angels!! and I have always made snowmen. This year I decided to make the heads only and really concentrate on getting them right! and here is my first one out of the kiln. I am totally lovin him and there are angels too!! More pictures of them later!

Anyway I am quite chuffed with this little guy so I thought you might like a chance to win him! All you have to do is leave me a comment at the end of this post and I will put your name into the draw. I will pick a winner on Sunday evening. (Necklace not included only the pendant is up for grabs!!!)


Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Sapphire trio

sapphire trio
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Ok so these beads have actually been sold but they are a beautiful example of a very simple range of beads that I do. One large tab bead and 2 smaller round beads. On a simple level these 3 beads will give you a pendant and matching earrings.

There are some beads in this style available on my website to buy and for those of you who don't make jewellery I will happily make them up into a pendant and matching earrings for a small extra cost! These bead sets start at £5 and will make fantastic Christmas presents for the folks in your life

Monday, 26 October 2009

Pink swirly lentils

pink swirly lentils
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I think I may have mentioned that I have discovered polymer clay if not well I have and it is fab stuff. Not entirely dissimilar to art clay but a little trickier to manage as it gets quite sticky. I have been reading around the internet a bit and found some tuts on lentil beads and so I thought I would have a go and here is the result! My first set of 6 lentil beads. They look similar are similar size and if they come up well once cooked then I think I will definitely be putting them up for sale! Thing is I am not sure where to put the holes!!! Logic says side to side but something is wanting to make me put the hole through the middle!!! Mmm....maybe I should make them again and do both!


Red and black nuggets

red and black nuggets
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Here is Monday's scrummy beads for you to gaze upon. I am totally loving these colours and that leads me to something I would like to chat about.

There is very often and huge chasm between what I think will sell and what actually does. I am not moaning not by any stretch of the imagination but I am often bemused. The beads I am showing here are a case in point. Classic colours black and red with the Christmas season coming I think they look totally in place with a gorgeous black dress at a Christmas party yet they have not sold!

I know I only put them up for sale last night but I have just posted 7 lots of beads from orders off the website last night and surprisingly the black and red nuggets were not among them!

Anyway enough of that as long as people like my beads and continue to buy them then I am happy to keep making them and you know what there wil always be the bead or the set that you think will fly off the shelf but actually does not. Tis all part of the quirkiness of having my own business.

Have a lovely Monday

Sunday, 25 October 2009

dilly dilly mark 2

dilly dilly mark 2
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The first version of these that I made sold in less than an hour I think off Etsy. I adore these colours I think the lavenders are gorgeous. Anyway this is version 2 with opaque and transparent lavender and will be availble to buy off my website tonight along with a few other goodies.

What have you been up to this weekend? I have had a very productive time. I discovered Tony has a grinder and I managed to persuade him to buy the spindle to adapt one end to a polisher and OMG what a difference to my silver! I am rearranging my workspace a bit so that has taken up some time today.

This week is half term for the 2 girls so I am not sure how much beading time I will get but I definitely need to make some jewellery as I have a party Friday and the designs for the Ingoldsby Gallery need to be finished my Friday as well.

Have a lovely week guys and don't forget new beadies on my website tonight

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Daily eye candy

pink and grey
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Ha ha I have managed to connect my Flickr album to my blog which means that I can show you pictures of my work direct from my album which is quite cool! I know a few of you fedback that you like pictures so here is todays choice.

This little set of beads will be available to buy tomorrow evening when I update my shop. These are made with a base of pearl grey covered with rose and with little pink flowers around. The beads have then been etched (which I do love doing!!!) A very cute and gorgeous little set of beads
Have a fab weekend guys

Friday, 23 October 2009


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I have bought a kit thats enables me to make stamps that can be used to make jewellery with art clay silver. So I thought I would practise with images of Jack fromm "Nightmare Before Christmas" and here are the results. I am so very chuffed with them. Imogen is wearing the small one as I made it for her and the larger one is currently being discussed!!! It may have a new home xx

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Feeling bleurgh...

I think a dreaded cold may be on it's way!!! I am feeling a bit under the weather and I have the hugest blister on my lip. A leetle run down I fink.....

Anyway I am having a quiet indoors day today, bit of housework to do and I am waiting for a package to arrive. So time to get you all up to speed on my life.

I have some lovely photos of the Big Bead show to show you

This first one is me and Keiara behine our stand before the show opened. I look completely gormless he he. Aren't those stands fab? Keiara's husband made them and they were absolutely perfect I can tell you

This second one is a shot of one of the times our stand looked quite busy.

Keaira and I had a fab day and I have booked again for next year I will give you more details once dates are set etc! I am going to hopefully do more shows tho again watch this space and I will let you know!

Other news: I took one of my jewellery ideas down to the Ingoldsby Gallery in Margate on Sunday to show them as they have asked me to put together a range of jewellery that will be exclusive to them. It went down well so I am now busy making these pieces to have on show for the beginning of November. I am also doing a 3 day Christmas Market in Margate Old Town in December which I am quite excited about.

Savannah's primary school is having a Christmas fair on 28th November and I am having a fingerprint stand there so I busy getting the pre order letters ready to send out to all the mum's and dad's and I am hopeful that this will be well received. I am also donating a prize to the school prize draw but I am not quite sure what that will be yet!

All in all things are looking very good, I just hope this darned cold does not develop.

Anyway must dash, ooh one quick reminder I loaded up loads of new beads onto my website and my Etsy shop last night so please take a look!


Sunday, 18 October 2009

God I sound like an ungrateful cow...

...why I hear you ask!!

Wellllll.....yesterday was the Big Bead Show and I had a fantastic day. I sold some stuff, I met old friends and I made some new friends but I was slightly disappointed not to have sold a bit more! Thats why I sound ungrateful. I kinda got the impression I was not alone with these feelings...don't get me wrong I will do it again my name is already down for next year because it is not just about the sales on the day it is about getting known and promoting myself and I did sell a fair amount of stuff.

Maybe it is more about me setting goals and making them realistic, maybe I worry to much but I do have bills to pay and 2 children to raise. Maybe I have to high expectations.

You know what I thought about scrapping this post so I did not appear ungrateful and what you don't know is how long this post took me to write cos it made me think loads. I made the decision to quit my job as a lecturer and chose to be a full time lampworker and jewellery designer. Until 2 months ago this was merely a hobby that made me a bit of pin money to keep me in glass and now it is more serious but these things take time and expecting to be rolling in money after 2 months is incredibly unrealistic.

I said it before and I will say it again I am on a journey and so far I am loving it.

PS Those of you who told me how much better I looked yesterday compared to last year thank you for noticing and for telling me, It makes me realise how much better I actually am and how far I have come. Thank you xxx

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The Big Bead Show and some interesting observations!

Saturday is fast approaching and I am on the final countdown to getting ready for the Big Bead Show. I am really looking forward to it not least cos I will be catching up with old friends and hopefully meeting lots of new ones. I have also had a chance to reflect a little on the past year as it was The Big Bead show last year where I basically debuted myself!!!

What have I achieved this year, well I can now encase beads, my dot placement has come on in leaps and bounds I have got my head around using presses. I have fallen in love with silvered ivory stringer and use it in practically every darn bead ATM ;o)

I have established a business that I continue to promote and since the summer I have been doing this as my full time job. I am having a ball. I feel like my beads have definitely started to grow up a bit and finally I don't feel like a complete newbie. I know I have been torching since July 2007 but I only got some 6 - 8 hours a week if I was lucky. This week so far I have done some 12 hours and it is only Wednesday. I still have so much to learn and some many more skills to master but you know what there is no rush! Yes my beads are simple but you know what I am finally comfortable with that. Many other lampwork artists strive to make complex and beautiful beads with infinite detail and don't get me wrong I want that but people still need simple beads for their pieces of jewellery and right now these people are my market!

My aim for the next 12 months; firstly to get my Art clay / PMC certification and secondly I really want to go on some glass courses to help me to develop these skills more!

Enough of that I have a few beads to show you. The first picture is a sample of the goodies I will be taking with me to the show on saturday. The second picture needs a little more explaination but I will let you look first.

The large pink and white bead is my first attempt at a focal bead with stripes! Much refining needed but a style I like! The 2 dotty beads are an example of what happens when you use incompatible glasses. The base is Bullseye violet striker with clear encasing and then what I thought was Bullseye white dotted around but when I took them out the kiln and cleaned them I realised the glass was cracking around the dots and therefore I had probabaly picked up some Effeter white and not Bullseye! I am normally very good about keeping my different glasses separated but obviously failed here but an interesting thing for you all to see.
The 2 bottom beads are Bullseye French Vanilla with Silvered French Vanilla round them. They were both on the same mandrel and were made with the same rod of French Vanilla and the same stringer so what happened to get 2 very different beads I am unsure! Any suggestions gratefully received.

Right enough blabbering I have beads to price up and earrings to make so must dash! Don't forget to come and say hi to me if you are at Sandown on Saturday I would love to meet you.

Oh and one final thing...the first 10 people to spend over £30 with me you will get a handmade (by me!) mini tote bag with a pair of earrings and a scrummy chocolate in free!! Here is a little preview!


Sunday, 11 October 2009


I spent last Monday with Gill teaching her how to make glass beads and we had a ball. 6 hours of teaching is quite tiring for me and for the student but we covered a fair amount and the picture above are the beads that Gill made and I have sent to her. I do hope she liked them.
I love teaching and if you would like to come along and have a go please feel free to contact me for further information. I do taster sessions and full day teaching so there is soemthing for everyone. What a fab Christmas pressie for someone!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Eye Candy

Or at least I hope so!!! I am still getting ready for the Big Bead Show on 17th October. and have been busy on the torch making things of wonder for you to gaze upon and hopefully buy ;o)

There are more to view on my Flickr album here. a couple of them will be up for sale later on through my Etsy shop but things are a little quiet until after the show.


Sunday, 4 October 2009

Our little helper

For those of you who follow me on Facebook you will be aware that I have had some problems with my neighbours. I live in a mid terrace and whilst the walls are pretty good and noise is minimal there is obviously some noise that can be heard.

I have some really attractive paper in my hallway (not) and my hubby decided at the beginning of the week that he could no longer bear to look at it so he is wallpaper stripping must to the disgust of my neighbour who, at 8.30 in the evening was rapping on the wall complaining about the noise and waking my youngest daughter up. The "noise" of the wallpaper stripping had not bothered her at all!!!

Anyway my youngest has delighted in helping her dad out and is often to be found wielding a wallpaper stripper but today found her forte in hoovering!!!

She had us both in stitches mimicking her dad who can often be found hoovering on his hands and knees. This is apparently essential as the nasty woodchip wallpaper gets everywhere and is a tricky little sucker to clean up! I am just pleased to be shot of the nasty flower wallpaper and the purple gloss woodchip above it, bare plaster walls is way more preferable. Now to persuade him that sage green and lemon is scrummy for a hallway!!! Oh and the pink carpet is going as well I feel a nice sage green carpet also!

What is happening for the rest of the week? Well tomorrow I am teaching a new student for the day which I am really looking forward to, she found me as a result of the Art and Craft exhibition so that makes it all worthwhile in my book! Tuesday I am doing a sessional lecture for my friend in my old job and from Wednesday onwards it is all hands to the pump getting stuff made for the Big Bead Show on 17th October. Busy busy busy!!!

Right must be off roast pork for dinner and the spuds need sorting see you soon

Friday, 2 October 2009

Oops how time flies...

....I am so sorry it has been over a week since I last posted but I have been soooo busy!

A quick recap since I last blogged...

Last Saturday I went down to Margate Old Town and met some fantastic people who are busy developing Margate's Art Quarter. They had a 2 day market going on and offered me a stall for the Sunday. This was too good an opportunity to miss so on Sunday I did my first market! I had a fab time, met some gorgeous people and am most definitely doing it again. In fact I am doing it in December I will find the link for you later and post a bit more about it!

I met a lady called Janet who is one of the people who runs the Ingoldsby Gallery in Lombard Street in Margate and yesterday I went to meet her to discuss my showing some jewellery there. The outcome of that meeting was that I am going to design some jewellery that will be exclusively available through the Gallery. This will be on show from the end of November onwards.

Wednesday I met up with Keiara and we went over how we are going to put our display together for the Big Bead Show. is only 2 weeks away and I have not got nearly enough stock!
Keiara's husband has come up trumps for us and made some gorgeous display stands and our display is going to look absolutely awesome. The picture above is just a little taster of what I am taking with me!

Next Monday I am doing some tuition which I am really looking forward to, I have a tutorial to finish for Beads and Beyond Magazine as well as the Readers Challenge which I have been asked to do again! So all in all things are verrrryyyyy busy. I am totally loving it thank you everyone for supporting me for buying my beads and just thank you.....