Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Out with the old and in with the new...

Wow 2008 is very nearly at an end and as many of us do at this time there is some reflection going on for the year past and some looking ahead to the future!

What have I done this year:
  • I started my business up properly and so far so good.
  • Tony and I took the girls to see "Lazytown" back in April which was definitely one of the highlights of the year. Even Imogen enjoyed it even though she thought she might be to old for it!!!
  • My friends wedding in Greece was a fantastic holiday with fantastic company.
  • We have all been generally healthy which is always a blessing. Money has been very tight but we are dealing with that. Christmas would have hurt a bit but I can get us back on track over the next few months.
  • I have made some fantastic friends on the Frit Happens forum and even though I have not met many of them I truly count them among my friends. I have had a few downs this year and they have been a fab source of support during these times. They are also brill for helping me out when I have a question and just for being there. They are a fab bunch.
  • I also have some fantastic "real" friends. You know who you are and thank you for listening to me when I am miserable and for making me laugh! (Paula!)
What are my plans for the New Year:
  • To concentrate on my bead and jewellery business a bit more and get my new ideas off the ground like the tuition and the childrens parties and some other ideas.
  • Enjoy my family.
  • Finish the patio and the garden this year
  • If time and money allow to redecorate the living room and hallway!
I am sure I will add to this list I avoid New year resolutions cos I always break them and then feel crap for not being strong enough so I make a list of things to acheive. Lots of things will depend on the economy and whether or not the building industry is affected by the "recession". Tony is a builder so if they get affected we could be in dire straits but I won't dwell on that, things seem to be ticking along at the moment so fingers crossed all will be ok.

I wish you all a very happy new year and I hope you get everything you wish for 2009. I wish you happiness and health. I look forward to blogging in 2009 and this will be quite nice to refer back to on 31st December 2009 and see how my year has gone.

What are your plans for the new year?

Friday, 26 December 2008

January Sale.

In the true tradition of Boxing day I am having a January sale on my website. All beads (except spacer beads) are 20% off as is all the jewellery. Go visit my website and get yourself a bargain Aurorabeadz

What other news. Christmas day was lovely, quiet but lovely. Missed my eldest daughter cos she was with her dad yesterday and it was really quite quiet without her here. Savannah threw a massive paddy at 3 ish and took herself to bed for 2 hours so I played Animal Crossing on my Wii and Tony listened to the copious amounts of CD's that he got for Christmas. Altogether a very peaceful and chilling day! Today will be quite busy as we have the parents to visit. Tony's mum and dad first then to my mum and dad but first Imogen comes home and we get to watch her open all her pressies!

I hope you did not over do the eating yesterday and today the food fest begins again :-)


Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Sleeping beauties (not)...

It occured to me that seeing a box of bits and pieces may not be enough information so I have added a couple of photos to give an idea of what can be made from the little boxes of goodies I will supply at my childrens parties! I am so excited by this idea and a couple of others I am having that I cannot bloody well sleep properly!

Sleeping has become quite a problem in my house at the mo. Imogen is full of cold so she is not sleeping well and colds bring her the usual problem of nosebleeds! Savannah still gets up at 6am despite us buying one of those clocks that you can set what time the child gets up with. Hers is Sleeping beauty, she wears a blue dress when Savannah has to be asleep and a pink dress when she can get up. All Savannah does is moan that the "blue lady" is still showing! Tony just does not sleep well, he was up at 4 this morning watching TV and same yesterday! He blames the bed, says the mattress is uncomfortable but as we have a superking size bed I don't think buying a new mattress is an option at the mo, would cost too much!!! And as for me, my little head has gone into overdrive with ideas for my business. I am actually having to rein them in a bit cos I only have so much time for the business and as much as I would like to take the leap of faith and jack in the day job I have too many responsibilities. So I am back to my usual dilemma. How to promote Aurorabeadz but meet the committments Tony and I have! Right now I guess it has to be maintain the status quo don't change nothing...but I can dream can't I?

This is likely to be my last post before Christmas so I just want to say to all my readers old and new:
My Family and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and propserous 2009.


Sunday, 21 December 2008

Children's Parties

I am pleased to announce that my idea about children's parties is a goer. I am finalising details but I am going to do them from January. I have split parties into 2 groups 5 - 8 year olds and 9 - 15 year olds. The youngest age group will have a little box with a length of elastic and a selection of beads that they can use to make a selection of bracelets and necklaces. The older children will get a box with a charm bracelet and a selection of beads that they can use to make their own charm bracelet. This will involved teaching them a little wire wrapping but no cutting will be involved. The pictures above are a representation of what each girl will get. What do you think?

Friday, 19 December 2008

My head is a spinnin'.... know how when you get an idea it becomes all consuming well....I don't get them very often but I have had one. Nothing to original you understand but something that feels very right and a brill idea for me! I have done a little research and I can't find to much around where I live so it looks like it might be a goer.

What? I hear you cry. What on earth are you rambling on about Sam. I'll tell you.


I have 2 girls of my own who adore making jewellery with me why not share this with other children. Instead of getting a party bag full of sweets and junk that just gets thrown away I can provide the equipment, tools and knowledge for children to make their own piece of jewellery. I can do simple elasticated bracelets for 5 - 8 year olds and the 9 - 15 year olds can make their own charm bracelet. I can show them some simple wire wrapping etc. they all get to use their creative sides and make something special for themselves! I want to do one now and see how it goes!!!!!
I know this is not a new idea there are people around that do this already what is my spin? My own handmade beads for a start but I guess I need to think about why my parties are special!
I am so excited come on 2009

The countdown begins...

...I forgot the most important piece of news. It is a little over 3 months till the "Flame Off" at Towcester. Visit Tuffnell Glass for further information. This year it is a 2 day event with demos from Sarah Hornik, Beverley Hicklin, Jazzy Lily and Julie Ann Denton and loads more. I am quite excited!!! I have booked hotel and got my tickets! Tony and the girls are coming as well so they can potter around during the day and we can sepnd time together in the evenings.
Book the date in your diary April 17th and 18th 2009, Towcester racecourse.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

I do other stuff....

...not just jewellery! So I thought it would be nice to share. I love nature. I know that sounds naff but there is something stunning about nature. The pictures here are of the heavy frost the other morning. I used the macro setting on my camera and got these shots and I love them!

More fingerprint jewellery

More fingerprint jewellery

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

My first blog award

I have got my first award. Elaine from Chatelaine Jewellery has nominated me and I am chuffed! Nice to know my ramblings are read!!! Thank you Elaine. Now the rules are that I must show the award on my website, link to the person who nominated me and nominate other blogs for the award. So....of to think about who to nominate!

Other fingerprint jewellery has really taken off I have 3 orders sitting here with me to finish today and another one to make. I have run out of bloomin clay so I need to get on and order some! I still have not managed to play with my Koil Kutter I have bought some copper wire so I will get to it! only 2 more days at work and then I am off for 2 weeks so I will have a play then! Watch this space for my chain maille jewellery.
My spacer beads are doing very well as well! Despite the fact that I thought making job lots of small round beads would be boring I am finding that it is really good practice. I am really getting the hang of making sets of beads similar sizes and getting really good puckers as well so I am glad I started this.
I have another idea in my head for the new year which I am thinking through so if it goes ahead watch this space and I will give you details soon!
I got my tax return back yesterday and I made £11 profit last tax year (I had only been in business for 3 or 4 weeks) and I have got a bloody bill for £40 odd quid! Ok its not a lot but I pay my tax in the day job and only made £11 profit so WTH is that bill about!!!!!! Makes you wonder why you go legit and above board!!!!
Right gotta go errands to run and jewellery to make!

A bit later.....Right I have thought this through and nominate the following for the award.
1. Melanie Moertel I have just discovered this blog and the beads on here are simply to die for I love them simply scrummy!
2. Sarah Downton I love how Sarah writes in her blog and she imtroduced me to this fantastic world of glass and for that I love her!

Please go see their work you won't be disappointed.

There are loads of people whose work I adore and their blogs are shown on the right of my blog! Dont' foget to have a look at their work and musings as well!!! I am always scouting around and finding more so keep checking back.


Saturday, 13 December 2008

Christmas presents

This is an order for a friend for Christmas! The blue beads are handmade by me. I am quite chuffed at how it turned out so simple yet completely effective.

This is another order I have been asked to make. It is 2m of thin leather with randomly spaced pearls. the ends are finished with my own handmade beads and it is calle a lariat. It is such a fantastically versatile piece of jewellery. It can be worn wrapped once round the neck like a scarf or several times to make a choker or many different combinations in between!

Friday, 12 December 2008

I'm so excited..

..don't take much to excite me but I have just taken delivery of my Koil Kutter so I can now make my own jump ring. Chain maille here I come. I do have loads to learn but this will compliment my beads beautifully. These are made by me with kits bought from Maille Queen
Now I can make my own jump rings and tumble them!!!!
Not just silver either although that is my fav but I can do copper, gold coloured wire etc etc etc!!! the sky is the limit.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Better day today!!!

Morning, trying to be positive today so only good stuff allowed on here!

So what news: I have drawn the winner for my prize draw and I have emailed the winner. I am waiting for him / her to email me back with a name as I don't want to put the email address on the Internet!

The website has loads of new stuff on it all in the jewellery section. I have reached a point where the site is looking a bit messy cos I just keep adding pages so I am now trying to organise things logically. I have now got submenu's for the jewellery section so if you are looking for necklaces then there is a necklace page. Ditto earrings, bracelets and jewellery sets. I will do this for my beads as well but not sure when I will get to it. It does mean that the website is looking a little messy at the mo but please bear with me cos hopefully it will better once I have done it all!

Have you got your Christmas decorations up yet? I am putting mine up gradually, I normally do them all in one evening and surprise the girls but savannah has been asking for them up so I put a few up to keep her happy. I think I will put the tree up tonight and let Tony finish putting the lights up! Only 14 days to go till Christmas and I don't feel in the slightest bit Chritmassy which is typical cos back in October I was really Christmassy. Started to early and burnt out LOL!

Right I have to get ready for work and get Savannah to my childminder so I best be off. have a good day guys and see you soon.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Apologies in advance you might want to skip this post....

....Without getting to melodramatic I have quite frankly had enough! there is nothing about beads or jewellery or my children or anything in this post! so please Iam not offended if you switch off now. Tomorrow will be more interesting and about beads and jewellery and not me! I am having a selfish moment.

I am having some problems with my hormones! Back in August and September I got really low! I have stuggled for a few years now with "depressive" symptoms frankly sometimes I think I am purely and simply miserable; other times I think maybe there is something wrong with me! I came off my anti depressants in February and went back on them in September because my PMT was getting quite severe. Ashamed as I am to admit it but my 2 girls began to be my focus for my increasing anger and my fear of what I might do if I did nothing is what sent me to the GP in the end. Since Sept instead of being low all the time and sinking I feel more up and down. I have really good days where I feel fine but days like today I just sob and get really angry alternately! Seriously what is wrong with me!

Ho hum what can I do? Honestly I just don't know!

Later.....OMG I have just seen that Oliver Postgate has died. That is very sad I watched all of his TV shows I especially loved "The Clangers" and "Bagpuss" but "Noggin the Nog" has a special place in my heart as well! So sad Rest In Peace Oliver Postgate.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

So here it is in its final glory! I made this for my dad to give to my mum and I am so pleased with it! The earrings did not survive sadly they were much to big but the pendant is just right. When I showed it to my dad he saw the jewellery in the other picture and bought that for my mum as well! I have learned so much making this rose / flower and I don't think it will be the last but this is the only one like this for my mum!!! Blimey I hope she likes it!

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Silence is golden..

...for my family but not for me!!! I love to talk and enforced silence is like a form of Chinese torture :-) The voice is well and truly gone so I really have to rest it so ensure it comes back soon! I am pretty convinced it is purely a viral laryngitis but I have never lost my voice completely before. On top of that I have the hugest cold sore on my bottom lip so well and truly run down I think!

Enough medical information what other news!

My party went well last night. I made a goodly sum of money which will get loughed back into stock pretty fast! My friend Kirsty came along as well and sold a few bits that she made hopefully she found that a real confidence boost her stuff is lovely. It was fab when she bought it round for me to look at the other day but the improvement since then is fab. It is so hard to say that without sounding patronising but encouragement is so important and the best compliment is someone buying your stuff. Thats why I enouraged her to do it boost confidence an all that!

My koil kutter is on order and I am seriously researching aspect ratio etc for my chain maille so watch this space more chain maille coming I think. If I can get jens pind cracked then I want to use it as the bracelet for my Belita Beads which I want to re launch after Christmas cos they have gone quiet to be able to provide the bracelet system has got to figure highly in this so that is my aim for the new year. Another aim is to crack encasing for my beads I am loving my lampworking at the moment there is no real pressure attached to it and I am having fun. Gonna load my Folksy shop and my website over the next few days so have a look.

Final news I have got a "Credit Crunch" range watch this space and I will let you know, very simple affordable beautiful jewellery coming soon!

Thursday, 4 December 2008

What no voice....'s gone, no voice I am rendered mute (ish!!!) I woke up fine but by lunchtime going going and by 3pm gone.....OMG how am I supposed to do a party tomorrow with no bloody voice!!! Argh! Still good thing is that I don't feel unwell not coldy or anything just got sexy husky voice. Mind you the pain is pretty grim!

Good News: I have a tumbler!!! Tony has bought it for me for Christmas and I have just used it. Wow what a result the silver is beautiful slight problem with the flower I have made my mum but I am doing some investigating to sort it out. Worry not guys it is not ruined or damaged but not quite how I want it!

Anyway the party tomorrow is all set up and priced and I am quite impressed really; there are 16 pairs of earrings and a nice selection of necklaces and a nice selection of prices hopefully I can cater for most pockets! Got the wine; got the nibbles I am all ready! Please can I have my voice back!!! :-)

I am off, a few last minute things to make and I'm A Celebrity to watch...


Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Where does the time go?

Wow...where does the time go? Nearly one week since my last blog entry. I have been a little under the weather of late. Like I have said previously there are so many bugs around at the moment. Anyway I think I am nearly over it, headache is finally settling and the earache is settling as well.

What news for you all then? Well only 2 days to go till my party. This is only the 3rd party that I have done. Both of the other 2 went really well so I am not worried about that this time. I am a bit worried that I have not got enough stock!!!I am making stuff each evening and have some sets of beads that are not made into jewellery that people can look at and ask me to make into jewellery for them. But how much is enough?

This is quite an odd feeling really...I don't do this to make a huge profit but obviously I want to make some money but that said I cannot undercharge for my work as there are other who are making a business out of this that do not need people selling jewellery cheap! Some of you might say I should not be worrying about what others sell their goods for just sell mine but this pricing thing is a complete minefield. I can't remember if have discussed this before so I will collect my thoughts and check old posts before launching into a blog entry about pricing! I do need to emphasize though that I pretty much exclusively use sterling silver for my jewellery which definitely impacts on my prices. When I started this business there was so much I just didn't think of cos I simply didn't know. Don't get me wrong though I am loving running my own business and I can make little mistakes cos at the moment it is not my bread and butter but one day who knows.......I have a dream! :-)

Friday, 28 November 2008

Some of what I make...

Just a few of the things I make! All of the beads are handmade by me! Go lookie at my website and my folksy page, links on the right!!!

OMG Earache really hurts!!!

I have, for the first time ever, got a really painful left ear! It started yesterday afternoon whilst I was teaching and literally took my breath away. It feels like a stabbing pain every couple of minutes! It kept me up all night, 2am I was taking paracetamol for the pain. Just got home from the Doc's and he says it is not an infection, he had a right good look! Thinks that it is likely that I have got congestion from a cold (when??) and it has blocked my ears and throat which is why it hurts to swallow as well.
Now being a nurse I know all this, ears nose and throat are all connected, I knew it was not an infection really cos I have had no symptoms and this is probably where the problem lies. My speciality is cancer and I always go for worst case scenario so obviously in the absence of infective symptoms I have gone for a diagnosis of brain tumour! Now I feel a complete prat and a wimp cos I have taken the day off sick and really should I have done.
There is no denying I am in acute pain and every 2 minutes or so I get a massive stabbing pain which honestly could make me cry (I am a wimp as well!) but really a day off sick??? Actually yes! I have had this blasted headache for 8 or 9 days now and with that and the earache I feel quite justified in taking a day off, I am feeling proper cruddy!
Good news... Savannah is better having spent 2 days with spectacular temps of above 40C. Like I said the other day the amount of bugs going around is untrue!!!
What else can I share with you all...Only a week to go to my jewellery party and I spent last night making more stuff. I have just finished my first Jens Pind bracelet and am well chuffed with it! Blasted weave can be quite troublesome but once I got into it it seemed to go ok! I will pop some pictures up later on my website so you can see what I have been making so go take a look:
Mmm...what else! You know what I am in so much bloody pain I can't think so I am gonna sign off for now! I think a nap may be in order then some pictures!

Wednesday, 26 November 2008's Wednesday and it's my day off.....

I am lovin' Wednesdays. Even though it has not panned out quite the way I wanted it to I love my day off! it breaks the week up beautifully and I get a day to chill. And today it is even better...Savannah is poorly (not that that is why today is good!!!) and I have not had to take a day off work to be with her! I know it is not the best way to spend your day off but we are sitting in the living room watchin "Happy Feet", she is cuddly and life is good!

Other news....The deed is done, my entry for the "Beads and Beyond" Competition has been submitted. Juts gotta wait now and see what happens. There has been a bit of discussion on Frit Happens about entering and general concencus is that if we want to raise the profile of the UK lampworking community then as many as possible had to enter! I think a goodly number from FH have entered which is awesome. I can't wait to see everyone's entry cos we have kept them secret from each other. I don't think there will be to many surprises when my entry is seen it is an evolution of what I have been doing a lot of lately! That said I am very happy with what I have made and that is what counts. I was going to sell them once the competition was finished but I think I am going to keep them for myself!

If you have not visited my website lately then go take a lookie. I have had over 3000 visitors and to celebrate I am having a prize draw. All the info is on my website!

I am adding some new spacer beads to the Spacer bead shop today as well and I have a couple of ideas about this which I am sitting on for a little while but think it will be quite cool! Not to revolutionary but quite useful for my customers!

Speaking of customers...the website is doing ok at the moment, despite the "Credit Crunch" or at least I am able to keep myself in glass which is what I initially set out to do!

Right "Happy Feet" is calling me...I love that film!!!


Friday, 21 November 2008

Thank crunchie it's Friday

I think that there are a few bugs wandering around at the moment. I have had a headache for 4 days now and am generally feeling below par, not a nice feeling really, but so many people I know are complaining of sub clinical stuff like not ill but not quite right either.
So...what's new then. I have made my beads for the Beads and Beyond Competition, many thanks to my bead comp buddy for helping me decide. Tony is going to take picture tonight and I can send it off. Closing date is 1st Dec so I got some time. I am thinking of something for the PMC competition now!!!
My spacer bead shop is doing quite well. I had some feedback from the Big Bead Show which led to me starting this up and it has been recieved very well, so fingers crossed it will continue.
I have got a shop on Folksy as well as my own website now. My folksy shop can be found at: Folksy Lets see how it goes!
Finally I am having a jewellery party on 5th December so I am busy making jewellery at the moment for that, fingers crossed it goes well. Money is not good for most people at the moment, many of the big stores are doing a pre Christmas sale, I wonder if that is worthwhile doing for me to boost Christmas sales! Mmmm....

Later....I have had over 3000 hits on my website so to celebrate I am having a prize draw to win a beady goodie! All you have to do is visit my website and join my mailing list and your name will go forward to the draw. I promise not to bug you with loads of emails. I will be posting a picture of the prize on my website over the weekend!

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

This weeks commission

This is this weeks commission for my friend. I am really pleased with the way that these fingerprint pendants are turning out. I have done quite a few now and hoping to do more once the newspaper article comes out!
I managed to get some beading in today and hopefully I have the set that I will submit for the competition in Beads and Beyond.
Gotta go got company see ya soon.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Jens pind chain maille

I love chain maille and tonight have finally managed to get my head around the jens pind weave! This is a gorgeous weave and I think will rapidly replace byzantine as my favourite. That said they are the only 2 weaves I do at the moment!!!
Last night went well, my friend joined me to have a go on the torch. She did 5 beads and they were cool, the last 2 were fab, lovely puckers and everything so I think she may be back to have another go! She bought some of her jewellery with her and I am trying to persuade her to bring some to my party on 5th Dec.
I was supposed to be playing on the torch tonight to make my set of beads for the Beads and Beyond competition (which has published my letter this month!!!) but the jens pind got me and now I have run out of jump rings and can't make any more!!! Poo!!! Now it is too late to fire up the kiln, so it will have to be tomorrow night now!
Oh and the hotel is booked for the "Flame Off" in April just waiting for the tickets now!!!
Right ho time to go...

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Saturday night and everything is alright...

I am going up my studio (shed!) in a while and I can't wait. I have an order to fill for my spacer beads which are doing really quite well. I have to say thank you to Sarah for the idea and for being a fab customer...Thank you...I also have a friend coming round tonight who makes her own jewellery but wants to have a go at glass bead making and I am really looking forward to showing her around the torch. I am going to persuade her to bring some of her stuff to my jewellery party on 5th Dec and sell it! Hopefully she is going to bring some stuff with her tonight so I can have a gander. I go to the torch. I might be back tonight if not I will return tomorrow and let you know how the evening pans out.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

New collection of silver.

I just got these out of my kiln. Will be making them into pieces of jewellery. Watch this space.
I am lovin art clay and PMC!!!

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

My daughter loves our cat.

She wants to make sure Bella is warm! Cute or wot!
Played with my Bullseye glass last night and I quite like it! Not huge difference from Effetre in my honest opinion. Little longer to heat up a bit stiffer but otherwise just the same. Bizarre ain't it how you build something up in your mind and then it's not what you thought! I only used greens and white last night but managed to get some encasing done and actually some of the beads are not to shabby! Bullseye clear is loverly!!!
Right best be off I got work to do, people to see!!!

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Bracelet and earrings set.

Just finished these. Made with my own beads and sterling silver. Will be on website later this week.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Charlie Boorman

Been out and about today and Charlie Boorman was signing books in Waterstones so I got a picture. He is quite delish but even better if Ewan MacGregor had have been with him!!!!LOL!!!
I have bought some bullseye glass today to try out. It is different from the glass I usually use so I gotta do a bit of research on it but I am quite excited by it! Lets see what I get from it!

Friday, 7 November 2008

Matching earrings and pendant

When these are dried and finished these will be a christmas present for my mum from my dad! I have spent ages looking at flowers and cutters etc to make flowers with the Art Clay. My mum's fav flower is dahlia so I have kinda based the jewellery on dahlia but it is more of a generic flower rather than any specific flower. I think I chickened out of doing anything to complex as I am still relatively new to Art Clay and PMC. I hope she likes them. It was quite fiddly but not to hard to make. I think I will fire it before I finish it as I don't want to break it.
Other news...I have approached my local newspaper to run an article on me and they seem interested. The photographer was supposed to come round today but he did not get here! Not sure why will email them on monday!
I am having a jewellery party on the 5th December so I am busy busy making jewellery. I was going up my shed tonight but the call of PMC was to much, so the beads can be tomorrows treat, mind you I have got a fireworks party tomorrow night so we shall have to see.
Final piece of news I am so proud of my eldest daughter, she has just started senior school and due to a variety of factors they were not streamed when the term started. The school has taken its time to get to know the kids and today they were streamed. Imogen has made it into the top stream. I really pushed her to do her 11+ and in hindsight I was wrong, she is doing so well at Technology College and grammar school may have been to much for her. You know what though I don't think I tell her enough how proud I am of her so Mimi when you read this you rock baby...and I love you very much!
Right enough slush and mush!!! best be off

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Byzantine weave and beads

I just made this! It is Byzantine weave chain maille with my beads. I will get a better picture tomorrow and pop it up for sale on my website!

A very productive day

Overall today has been very productive. I have been at the day job for the most part but I have had one of those days where I feel like I have really managed to get stuff done! Perhpas because I was working from home I am not sure usually working from home can be quite challenging you have to be so disciplined!!!

On the bead and jewellery front I have loaded loads of stuff for sale onto my website go take a look there are new bead sets and new pieces of jewellery ready for the buying!!! With Christmas on the horizon having a unique gift such as a piece of jewellery that is handmade can be so special. I really must try to get into men's jewellery!

I emailed the local paper a couple of days ago as well to see if they would be interested in doing an article about me and guess what...they are! The photographer is coming tomorrow and again some more advertising for me! Things are looking good. I am feeling very well, much better than I have been of late and business wise the slack period of October seems to be fading! Onwards and upwards as they say!!!

Right young child to bath so best be off now.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

My daft youngest daughter.

This is my youngest daughter who thought it extremely funny to get into the Tesco bag for life!!! I actually picked her up and carried her around she thought it was hysterical!!! Then my 11 year old wanted a go.....!

Good evening this evening. I managed to chill and play with glass without any pressure of got to make something! Don't get me wrong I have really enjoyed prepping for the big bead show but there is something to be said about just being able to let the creative juices flow! Saying that little creation occured mostly practice. I am trying to perfect my encasing technique. I made about 6 or 7 encased beads and 1 maybe 2 is what I would call vaguely acceptable! It's all about practise and I am just plodding along and practising!

I have managed to get some stock up on my website this evening as well so go on over and take a lookie!


Sunday, 2 November 2008

Rainbows and pots of gold!

So much to catch up on! The pictures I have posted are of the really vivid rainbow that we had for about an hour on Friday evening I have never seen such a clear and bright rainbow the picture does not really do it any justice! This picture is of the rainbow out to sea off Margate and the one below is over tha airport at Manston! it was truly gorgeous people were pulling over in their cars grabbing camera phones and taking pictures it was that beautiful. I love rainbows! That sounds quite lame but there is something about them that always makes me feel really good! Nature is truly beautiful.

Other news: I did it!!! I went to the Big Bead show and sold some of my stuff!!! I had a fantastic day I met so many people from the forums that I belong to and I am really sorry I am completely crap with names but you all know who you are. It was really nice to meet you all! And it was lovely to make new friends as well. I also met lots of "old" friends and again it was really nice to catch up.

Overall I think yesterday was very successful. So much so that I have left the form requesting a stand next year! Yes there is a substantial outlay but the networking and advertising I managed to do yesterday can only be good! I hope I get a better position next year I felt a bit out on a limb but....saying that when I went for a walk about there were a few areas that were "scary" very busy with lots of jostling! At least I had some space around my stall so that people did not feel crowded. I have a couple of pictures but they need to be downloaded from my camera so I will post them later!

Final piece of news after deciding to stop making jewellery I have changed my mind! My beads are still my focus but I have decided to do the jewellery party thing still! Same decision as before, not to many just 3 or 4 per year but I have a group of customers who I have built up over the last year that I am not tapping into and after working so hard to get them I should be concentrating on keeping them so I am. I am changing my "tact" a little and I hope they approve. Sounds very enigmatic but all will become clear!

I am very tired today so it is a quiet day for me! pottering about the internet etc! Time for a cuppa!!!



Thursday, 30 October 2008

The big bead show.

You are reading the blog of a very excited and worried lady this evening!!! I have just laid out the beads and jewellery that I am selling for "The Big Bead Show" and you can see it above. I have never done this before so I have no idea if there is enough stock here. It looks to little to me but I have no time now for making anything else! D Day is looming and time will tell, this is a learning curve as well. I should go off enjoy it and learn from it.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Beaders Showcase

One of the things I truly love about the internet is the way that information can be shared. Julie from "Lush Lampwork" left a post on Frit Happens saying that she was one of this weeks featured artists on beaders showcase ( so...I potter over to this site and have a look and sign up to it so I am now a member! Now..I had a bit of a quandry! Does this mean I am copying Julie, stalking her almost or is it just me taking an opportunity to showcase my work and get myself known a bit more!!! I did stop thinking about this quite quickly cos it is not copying or stalking or anything like that...when you have a community of people like we have on Frit Happens information like this gets shared around. This is how we find things out. It is healthy and normal to do this! I have some artists whom I particularly admire for various reasons and they volunteer information through the various forums and mediums that I interact with them. If it can help me as an artist then I would be foolish to pass up the opportunity to use that information!

As an artist I am developing my style I have no illusions that my style will be "finalised" in the near future cos I am learning! I don't have that much time on the torch compared to others! I think I have discussed this on another post! Dots feature heavily in my work at the moment but thats not to say they are my "signature" just a technique I have been practising and am getting comfortable with! But I do look around other peoples work and get ideas and inspiration! I NEVER blatantly copy work I always try to put my own spin on it! This is another debate that I am not going to get into here cos it is quite heated when it gets going!!! But dots are dots! Flowers are flowers etc! It is what you do with them that marks you as an individual and this is what I am developing.

Networking is so important and the internet is a most wonderful tool for this! As I develop my business I am surprised at how much time I spend on the net. My hubby is getting a bit hacked off I think!!! But it is my support system, my teacher, my idea bouncer around and most importantly the people I have "met" and spoken to are my friends! Getting into beads has been fantastic for me and I love it!

Monday, 27 October 2008

Art clay fingerprint necklace

This picture and the one below are 2 commissions that I have made this week. The pictures are not the best cos they were taken on my phone but you get the idea! Both of them are fingerprints embellished with some of my handmade glass beads. I am really enjoying making these! The look on peoples faces when they get something that personal. Despite it being an obvious design each one is completely unique. One off bead unique fingerprint etc. totally personal and individual. If you are interested in this as a gift or a present to yourself then please go to my website and contact me! Obviously I need to be able to visit you so you will need to be in Kent!!!

59 days till Christmas guys.....


Art clay fingerprint necklace

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Tree decorations and Tagging

Here are my angels made up as tree decorations. Cute huh!
I have also been tagged!!! What is this I hear you call...well the rules are simple:
Here are the rules for tagging:
1. Link to your tagger and display these rules on your blog
2. Share 7 facts about yourself - some random, some WEIRD
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by including links to their blogs
4. Let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog
So...I need to think on this for a while! 7 facts mmmm.....
Thanks to Bumpy Beads for tagging me! Quite a nice way of getting links and getting yourself known! Blimey who do I tag!!! Do I know 7 blogs? Of course I do!
Going to think now! 7 facts.....
Right I am back; 7 facts:
1) I once followed Tom Robbins (Shawshank Redemption) around a museum in Canada
2) I have been on a wolf howl in Algonquin National Park in Canada
3) I was once deported from America (I am not a national threat though!!!)
4) I am about to do my first bead show
5) I used to play the piano and clarinet
6) I can rollerskate
7) I broke my leg skiing in 1986
my chosen taggee's are:

Saturday, 25 October 2008

One week to go...

So...this time next week my first bead show will be over! How will it have gone? Will I have fun? Am I sweating just thinking about it? I am looking forward to it, I have put loads of time into prepping it and actually managed to get 3 days off this week (normal day off Wednesday and 2 days annual leave on Thursday and Friday) to really prepare for it. I am going to set out my table on the dining room table at home and take picures of it so I can replicate it on the saturday and not get to bogged down just before the show starts.
My sister is coming with me so Tony gets childminding duty...not that he minds bless him, a day with the girls is cool for him. Got the final burn this week to get as much stock made as possible. I made more angels an snowmen last night and should try to make some more cos I think they may be popular!

I may be a bit more quiet than usual getting ready for the show but make sure to keep popping in and checking I will gopssip when I can.

One other thing before I go...the last couple of weeks have been quite surreal from a Facebook perspective. People I went to school with have found me and loads of pictures have made their way onto the net of my old school friends. Hello Rob, Andrea, Elle, Becky, Clare, Kevin, Gary, Jackie, Teresa, Jo and Matt, bizarre or what but so nice to hear from people I have not seen for some 20 years (except Jo and Teresa I see you guys loads!!!)


Wednesday, 22 October 2008

I am gonna take the plunge....

....having got my insurance sorted out and from my feedback from my one foray into teaching I have decided to go for it! I am going to offer people the chance to have a 2 hour session on my torch! This will include health and safety discussion, information about the glass available to use, how to make a basic round bead and a few other things! It is not a really long session but I think is appropriate for my level of experience on the torch! I have still got so much to learn and such a long way to go but I enjoy what I do and I would love to offer others the chance to "have a go". I know enough people to refer new starters onto if they want to pursue lampworking.
I will evaluate things over the next few months to see how it goes a bit of suck it and see!!!

The other thing I have decided to do it my fingerprint jewellery with the art clay and PMC. In the last week I have had 4 orders for fingerprints pendants and the people I sell them to love them. So on that basis I have decided to advertise locally, especially with Christmas coming. One of the local primary schools is having a craft fair at the end of November so I will see if I can get a table there and do some fingerprint pendants for people there!

All this on top of the show in just over 1 week. I have become a little obsessed with the Christmas theme as you can tell from recent posts! The angel beads I made have gone down really well despite their "deformed" wings, people tell me they add to the character of them! Anyway I have 3 orders for angel sets! I made them into tree decorations, must take some pictures and show you guys what they look like! They are quite cute!

All in all things are quite good at the mo especially considering how rough things have been for me lately. I am in quite a good place, fairly happy, not to moody and life is good! Long may it last!


Tuesday, 21 October 2008


So I have been busy making Christmas theme beads (in case you hadn't noticed!!!) Excuse the poor quality photos they are on my camera phone. Aren't they fab!!! I am totally lovin these! More to make to sell at the show!

Angels and snowmen

Angels and snowmen

I have made angels and snowmen. Getting into the christmas theme my angels wings are a bit stumpy but they are kinda cute. I like em!

Monday, 20 October 2008

Christmas trees

Me and tony

I have just set my phone up so I can blog on the go! how cool is that then! Anyway some of my pictures are a bit out of date and my daughter took this one of me and my hubby on her phone and it really touched me that she kept it. I got her to bluetooth it to me and here it is!
So now I have my phone set up for blogging I can get pictures wherever!!! he he he you guys are in for a treat!!!
Whilst I am here I guess I can fill you in very briefly (cos I am at work!). The beads are going very well and I am getting a nice lot together for the show in less thahn 2 weeks now! I am still bloody nervous but hopeful for a good day. Whatever happens I am going to meet some fab people who have been very supportive to me and I am going to have a brill day. My sister is coming with me, she is a walking advert for me so should be good fun all round.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Mmm...nice beads!

I love these bead sets! perhaps it is not good for the creator to feel so happy with their creations that they shout about them but you know me not one for standing on ceremony! I LOVE THESE BEADS. I am so happy with the way they look and feel! They are quite big for me 13mm hole to hole but the fab thing about working with a bigger canvas is that you can get more detail in! The trick is to know when to stop! I really wanted to enter these into the Beads and Beyond competion but I am so darned proud of them that I have decided to showcase them! Sometimes I think I may have a chance at making a bit of a living out of this beading malarkey. You know what would make it for me though...I so want to see someone make something out of my beads! I have sold a few beads now but no-one has ever emailed me pictures of their creations with my creations and I would love to see what people make of my work! Oh day maybe!
Things are going well for the Big Bead Show! Clock is ticking not long now! I still need way more stock but I am getting there and production is good. I was gonna list on my website but I am gonna hold fire till after the big bead show! I need all the stock I can get! I think I will post em all on Flickr in case anyone has a burning desire for my beads! Who am I to refuse.....?
Yes...go look at Flickr I have posted em all on there!!!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

I have had fun today

I have been making beads. I am still in dotty mayhem mode but I have gone large! (Big mac and fries with that!!!) I have made 2 sets that I am completely chuffed to bits with. One of them has been cleaned and temporarily strung already the other set is in the kiln I will have to see what the kiln fairies leave me in the morning! I think I may have my competition entry! But I am so chuffed with them that I wanna show em off! Mm...will have to see what I think in the morning! maybe play with the design a bit more and refine it before I submit it!

What I have realised is that I am not that brill with the presses. So...I sold them! I have just bought one that I am waiting to be delivered but this is one that I have been after for a while the others were impulse buys cos they seemed like a good idea!

I have 2 orders for the art clay fingerprint pendants and a third just waiting for the necklaces to be delivered so I am doing ok again at the moment! I hope this continues and that the bead show is successful as well. As much as I keep telling myself not to expect to much my hopes are high!!

Right I need food so I am off now. See you soon...Oh and a photo session is booked for tomorrow evening so stock will be going up on the website tomorrow or Thursday so don't forget to have a look!!!


Saturday, 11 October 2008

It's gonna be a nice day!

I am up early today cos Tony was up at half 5 to watch the qualifying for the F1 and has now gone back to bed so it has fallen to me to get up with the girls! This is quite early for me for the weekend and especially since I have been back on the prozac cos that makes me sleep for England!

Anyway whats new?...I had a big clean out in my studio (shed!) last night and have decided to sell my stash of shop bought beads that I got when I started making jewellery. I don't make as much jewellery as I used to instead I am concentrating more on glass beads and my silver core beads and then added to that I am making my PMC and Art Clay designs. I have kept some stuff back so I can make jewellery if I get some major inspiration. What this does mean is that my studio is better laid out now for me to torch and as I now have insurance I can pursue the teaching thing! I did some teaching earlier this year and quite enjoyed it. This is a quote from what my student posted on the Frit Happens forum:

"Can I just say how much of fantastic tutor she has been? I have had so much fun today. Not only does she teach well. but she made me feel so much at ease from the minute I walked in the door. I was worried that when it came to making beads it wouldnt live up to my expectations, but it more than did. Sam is wonderful, she was really patient with me and encouraged me at all the right points. the best bit for me really was seeing all the techniques come together to make a pretty bead, and also when she let me have "play time" and let me just have a go at creating something (which hopefully will turn out ok).Can I also say that Sam's work is fantastic! She let me peek in her "fugly" box and I found some perfect beads and sets in there. She is amazing and doesn't realise how good she is!!"

I know that is only feedback from one person but it makes me feel good and maybe I wil pursue the teaching thing. I will only offer 2 hour taster sessions at the moment and only one to one cos I have no room for more in my studio and probably only 1 or 2 weekends a month but this is a strong possibility! Mmmm....something to think about I think!

I have got loads of beads made keep an eye out on here cos some of them are for the bead show and won't be on my website for sale but I will put some on my website. All of them will end up on Flickr as well so you can go there and have a look see...

Right best be off breakfast beckons

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Hip hip hooray...

...I made some beads tonight!


Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Aargh!!! Tax returns... now I am self employed I have the pleasure of the yearly tax return. I can do it by paper and send it in by the end of October or via the Internet by the end of January. I have decided to submit it now! After throwing up when I opened the return (cos I hate numbers!!!) I sought some advice. I have a friend who is an accountant and another friend who works for the IR. I spoke to the friend in IR and have got my head around the form. The completely funny thing is that I started trading at the beginning of March so only have something like 4 weeks trading to account for. My net profit (and takings!!) amounts to £11. Whoo Hoo!!! at least it is a profit ha ha ha! Seriously if I don't submit it I get a £100 fine but £11 I ask you! I think the friend who is an accountant will come in handy next year!

So...other news....well not a huge amount actually. Things are incredibly quiet selling wise. I think people are pulling spending in cos of this "credit crunch" I think things will get worse before they get better. Not that I am a politician or banker not by any stretch of the imagination but if the news is about rescue packages for UK banks then things must be a bit dodgy!

Still minimal beading but tomorrow night I am planning on getting some beading in. I have got 20 odd days till the show and need more beads...lots more beads!

Right I think it is time for bed now getting late an all that, catch ya soon


Sunday, 5 October 2008

Art clay and beads.

Well I have finally got some new stock listed on my website! Not much cos I gotta keep some back for the show in less that a months time! I have listed my Art Clay Silver stuff though! I have really enjoyed making these over the last week and today I made a ring! Things started out well but whilst I was sanding it ready for firing it snapped in half!!! I managed to get it back together with lots of slip and speaking nicely to it! and fired voila! I am wearing it as we speak! it fits my thumb although not the thumb I measured it up for! Apparently one of my thumbs is skinnier that the other! Anyway I am wearing it and I am chuffed to bits!

Not a lot else to say really I didn't manage to get any beads done tonight cos my head is fit to split! This is the problem when you go back onto Prozac! I got about another week to 10 days of these then hopefully they should settle! Hopefully they will settle my mood swings which are getting pretty dire and just generally even me out a bit! Hormones eh!!!!

Right I am off aforementioned headache is getting quite bad so I am off to bed! Let me know what you think of my ring and I will catch y'all laters


Saturday, 4 October 2008


...We have just been down the park again...honest I think Savannah would live there given half a chance...anyway on our way home we found a conker lying on the floor, a quick scout around and we found quite a few of them. So we picked them up and bought them home! Now what do I do with them I mean I know you play conkers with them but in this health and safety and PC climate conkers is practically a banned sport!!! So what am I going to do with them? You know what will happen... they will be left lying around and someone will trip on them and they will fall to the bottom of a toybox and be found in 6 months time all shrivelled up!!!You know what though I don't care they are such an important childhood thing that they can hang around as long as they need to! How many of you can remember getting conkers off the trees and putting them in the airing cupboard to ripen up and then sticking them in the oven to harden them!!! I remember getting skewers to make holes and threading shoelace through it!!! I never won anything tho! For those of you interested I have found a useful site on the rules etc of conkers follow this link and enrich your day!!!
You know the other thing about conkers is that it means autumn is here, chilly days, frosty misty mornings, Christmas round the corner but first Halloween and bonfire night. Evenings spent indoors snuggled up on the sofa and a good book! I love summer but I love this time of year as well!

I am hoping to get into shed tonight and make some beads or failing that I will photograph some stock to get onto my website I really have to get motivated to get some beads made. Things are getting quite busy what with the bead show coming up in 5 weeks (or is it less...???). Must make some beads!


Thursday, 2 October 2008

Oohhh...I like silver

I love Art Clay and PMC. I made these last night. Sorrythe picture is not that fab but you get the gist I hope! The little heart earrings are not for sale but the rest will be when I get them photographed by my hubby! I am seriously quite pleased with them. I spent an inordinate amount of time filing and making sure they were as good as possible before firing them. I am sure they are not perfect but is that not the thing with handmade jewellery. I mean they are handmade and not mass produced shop bought things. They will have little flaws, very little flaws maybe only I can see them or am aware of them but you buy one of these and there will be very few others and in many cases no one else wearing these cos I don't very often repeat a design.

As you can tell I am very much in love with PMC and I can incorporate my beads with it as well and it works! I wonder if anyone would be interested in buying them.....


Wednesday, 1 October 2008


Just browsing the magazines at my local WHSmiths this afternoon and I find my name in print in the advert for "The Big Bead Show". OMG!!! I mean it is not much really I guess just my name amongst all the exhibitors but it is mine and it is there!!!! Enough exclamation marks !

That put a bit of a shine on my day! I guess those of you who check in regularly know I have been a bit flat of late! I visited my GP today who has decided (with me I guess) to restart me on my anti depressants. Not strictly for the antidepressant effect but more to control my ever spiralling mood swings and anger! Oh what it is to be a woman and be a slave to hormones! So...back on the meds! I just hope I can control the sleeping problems this time! Last time I was on them I could sleep for England, dose was a bit higher tho so hopefully it won't be as bad!

Onto lighter stuff - I got 51 beads out of my kiln this morning! A few sets and some fugleys that are good enough to sell at the show, things are looking up. I also got my Art clay order through this afternoon so I will be playing with that tonight. I have had such a fab response to my fingerprint pendant that people are asking me to do them to sell so hey who am I to refuse an offer like that! It will all be good pratice for using the clay and I will only be making small and simple pendants for the time being! But expansion is on the horizon. I will probabaly not be doing the instructors course for a while but I will definitely like to do some course in PMC or Art Clay soon. As I am not going to shell out for the instructors course yet then doing some more lampworking days with other teachers also looks likely so I get best of both worlds! Ha!

Right enough burble for today! I am off to clean beads and think about what to make with my clay! I wil post pictures!


Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The last day of September

Wow...this year is absolutely flying by. Tomorrow is October already. Christmas is beginning to figure in conversations and Tesco has already got it's decorations and advent calendars etc out already, they had stuff in their "seasonal" aisle before the kids went back to school after summer! Good grief (in the words of Charlie Brown).
Anyway I finally got a nice head again after a very dodgy week. I have actually made beads today and lots of them. Not sure how many are sellable cos I have been trying to play with different techniques and with very little success I might add! I soooo need to go for more lessons to refine and learn some techniques! Goodness there is so much I want to do! Main problem with this is money!!! or rather complete lack of it! I know good things come to those who wait and all that but I am so impatient I want to do it now! What first: glass or art clay / PMC some thinking to do. The other big problem is that I am fairly alone in my neck of the woods. There are a few lampworkers that I am aware of but I am not sure if they do lessons and there are certain things I want help with and I ought to research prospective teachers so I tap into those who are good at certain things. Does that make sense?

I want to learn how to encase. I have read up on it and tried a few different techniques but quite frankly my encasing sucks. Encasing gets used in so many different things and as much as I try to avoid it I think it would be useful for me to practise it. I need someone to watch me muck it up and then guide me!

I want to learn how to use my dichroic strips that I have bought. Every time I use them they devit (I think that is the technical term!) They go scummy!!! (my term!)

I want to learn how to use murrini without burning the hell out of it.

I want to be able to control stringers so I can make nice neat wavy lines and swirls with it!

Some of this is heat and flame control and honestly there are times when I think God Sam you have been doing this for a year now you should at least have sorted out flame control. Well I have for dots!! but there are only so many dots a gal can do! On top of that although I started beading in July 2007 I only average about 8 hours a week on the torch and that is generally in 3 0r 4 stints so I am not getting continuity! That is approx 500 hours torch time since July 2007. Sounds a lot but compare that to 2250 hours if I was doing this full time, no wonder I am still struggling to get things sorted! I need more time on the torch but I also need someone to sit with me occasionally to help guide me!

Enough of that now I had better be off, I have a busy day tomorrow, there are quite a few people bugging me to go to see my GP cos I am struggling a bit so I gotta sort that out. Tomorrow is also pay day so I get to do the monthly shop yipee!!! and it is my day off so I am with my youngest as well, not sure what the weather forecast is maybe I can push her on the swings again for ages!!! :-)


Sunday, 28 September 2008

New week coming up.

Well there goes another weekend! At least the weather has been nice. What have you all been up to? I spent yesterday making the pendant I posted in yesterdays blog entry as well as taking my youngest daughter to the park. She loves the park, she could quite happily spent days on the swings, personally that swinging motion makes me feel quite sick!!!

I really enjoyed making the fingerprint hearts and have decided that I am going to make them to sell and I am signing up to do the instructors course so I can teach it. This in combination with my glass beads makes for quite a cool business I hope. I have also been pootling around the internet looking at jewellery and design courses. Something tickling in the back of my mind.

I went to see a medium on Friday and she was quite positive about a job change although she was more specific about promotion rather than a complete change. I did specifically ask if a career change was likely and she said possibly. Lets see what happens eh!

I must go, I am having an argument with my 3 year old about cleaning up her mess! Kids eh!...


Saturday, 27 September 2008

Art clay and beads

Knowing that I have dabbled with PMC and Art clay previously my sister has asked me to make her a pendant necklace with fingerprints of her 2 children on it. I have come up with a design she likes but thought I ought to see if I could actually do it. is the result. I used my 2 girls as guinea pigs and I am completely chuffed with the result! I can make stuff!!! I truly love this and am so happy with it I am wearing it now and not sure it will ever come off!!! is not to bad again for the mo!!!


Friday, 26 September 2008

I haven't left you....

...not the best few days in the world! I will be back over the weekend but I am still here!!!

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Down in the dumps! :-(

Mmmm...not really sure why that is but I am definitely down in the dumps. Miserable cow I am today! Maybe that has something to do with the weather. It is cold and rainy and generally crap outside! Today is my day off and I don't want to go anywhere or do anything! I am really struggling with my beads at the moment. Sometimes I really feel like I can do this lampworking thing and then other times I honestly wonder why I put myself through it! It is hard to explain without sounding pompous but I am (I guess!) a needy person. I need to feel wanted, I need to feel like I am worth something to someone and selling beads leaves me wide open to the possibility of rejection.

2 weeks ago I sold the majority of my stock from my website, I haven't had a sale since. Now I completely realise that these things happen, my work is not everyone's taste etc etc etc but the little voice just on my right shoulder is saying "loser, told you you were crap at this, give up".

I am sorry for being so bloody melodramatic, crisis in confidence. I have no imagination at the moment for bead designs I am struggling to make stuff and this is not a good time. I have just borrowed £200 from my parents to pay for my stand at the Big Bead Show and I am going to fall flat on my face! I sit there with pen and paper and nothing, nada, zilch happens. I sit in front of my torch and ditto! I have made 2 sets on monday but they are just about as basic as you can get. Plain small donut bead with random dots whoopee!!!

Why do I do this to myself, this is supposed to be a hobby that I make a little money out of to "feed my glass habit" and now I am putting myself under pressure knowing I don't do well in these situations!


Right....enough Samantha.....pick yourself up and stop wallowing in self pity! Cheer up you miserable cow or no-one will read this blog let alone visit your shop and gaze lovingly at your wonderous goodies you make.

I am going now to make an effort with my daughter and to try to stop being miserable. I will return!!!

TTFNx (PS sorry!!!)

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Hoorah... last I have got some new stock on my website. My poor hubby has been a bit unwell so a couple of days later than I planned but we got some pictures done and I have just posted them! I have kept some back for the bead fair in November and I need to get going this week on doing more beads!

I have had a fairly bead free weekend actually. Today was spent down the beach watching the kite festival. We went to the festival last year and really enjoyed it. Both Tony and I enjoy kite flying - not just your general little kite but we dabble in (beginner!!!) stunt kite flying! Follow this link for an idea of what I mean! This website is one of the exhibitors flying today. Carl is one of 2 men in the UK who can fly 3, 2 line kites at the same time. That means he is in control of 6 lines at any time! Tony has just asked me to let you know that that is one kite in his left hand one kite in his right hand and the 3rd controlled by his hips!!! (and a harness!!!) Pretty spectacular stuff really.

I quite fancy powerkiting!!!!

I have got some pictures of the various kites but haven't downloaded them yet I will post them when I have!

Ah well, best be off

Saturday, 20 September 2008

My little rant

Why are there patronising people around? My poor grandad fell and cut his head open on wednesday evening so a trip to A&E followed. As he is 82 years old and had fallen they wanted to admit him. My grandad refused! He is mentally competent and fully capable of making up his own mind but the hospital were a bit unhappy that he wanted to go home! Anyway, my sister and I refused to coerce him although we were a bit unhappy to let him go home we respected his decision.
When the nurse came along to review his scalp wound she spoke to grandad and said that he was going home against medical advice. Her attitude towards him was completely patronising there was a total lack of respect for him and generally I felt that as he is 82 and had fallen he was obviously stupid and should be treated as such. I was so angry I couldn't even put a coherent sentence together and I just left the cubicle. Both me and my sisters are qualified nurses and were quite frankly disgusted at the lack of respect. I teach nurses now and one of my principles is that all patients should be treated with respect and that is not just my that is a general principle supported by our code of conduct etc. How dare she speak to my grandad like that, who the hell does she think she is. Needless to say I spoke to the nurse in charge and raised my concerns which were taken on board.

Anyway my grandad is fine, nice black eye and big cut on his head which has been glued!

I have not had any time to do beads lately and my planned photo session for tonight has had to be postponed cos my hubby is not well! I am beginning to get withdrawal!!!

Sorry for rant, normal service will be resumed soon promise!!!

Friday, 19 September 2008

Today is my birthday... hubby has sprung a surprise evening out on me so all things beadie cancelled for tonight! That includes the photo session I had planned to get stock up on the website so I know I said new stock would be up by the end of the week but I am going to have to extend that a little!!! Tomorrow hopefully.

Not much else to say really I do have a rant but it can wait till I have a bit more time to share it with you or maybe not we will have to see, I guess it depends if I calm down or not!

Ah ha...cup of tea waiting for me so I am off, just a short post today, I will return tomorrow!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Today is my day off...

....yipee!!! I have gone part time in my "Day Job". For those of you who don't know my other job is university lecturer. I have been doing this for 6 years full time and before that I was split 50:50 with the hospital I worked in. My other trade is nurse! So beading is quite a long way from being a nurse but you would be amazed at the amount of nurses I know who are arty! Intriguing!

So anyway today is my day off and what have I planned. Well...nothing actually. I am waiting for the postman (again!) cos he should have some goodies for me from Martin Tuffnell (one of the people I buy my glass and lots of other stuff from). If it arrives I will have a fab evening in the studio (shed!) tonight. I have managed to keep production up despite struggling for ideas a bit. I have made 5 Belita beads and all 5 survivied the core process which is brill cos just before the summer my success rate was dropping and I was getting a bit despondant about them!

I went to Greece back in May for a friends wedding and whilst I was out there is came across loads of tourist stuff with the "Evil Eye" design which is basically layered dots. Anyway I have had this image in my mind for ages but wasn't sure if I could use it for a design I liked and then I made a bead using the design very basically and I have a lovely set of beads! I have not taken pictures yet so I can't show you but they will be photographed soon and put up on the site.

Cos my shop has very little stock and I have the Big Bead Show in November I have to get my butt in gear and get making stock so this is a poor time for my mojo to go off! But at least I can do dots with my eyes closed (not literally!!! thats asking for trouble, flames an all that :-) ).
Gonna play with some etching as well I think I quite like that effect so maybe things are not quite as dire as I thought.

Anyway off now so will catch ya later, thanks for reading my blog!
Later...I have added a photo of a few of the beads I have made this week for your delectation. they are not on the website yet cos I need hubby to take decent pictures! But a few to get your interest piqued.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

I've discovered something else... is not just about what music I listen to when I torch but it is also about planning! If I go to my studio (shed!) with no real ideas about what I am going to do I flounder. I stare at the glass with no real concept of what I want to do, which colours go together or even any idea of design. Yet when I spend a little time with a pen and bit of paper jotting down ideas beforehand I find myself able to put something together. Sometimes I do find that once this happens and I have made my "planned" beads then I can get into what if I do this or would that work! Mmmm...spontaneity is not my strong point methinks!!!

Something else occured to me earlier as well. I wonder if you (avid reader) wonder where I get Saffie from. Not wanting to disappoint you I will share this with you. Samantha is very often shortened to Sam and when I was a kid wasting time down the arcades on the seafront there were loads of Sam on the high score tables so I decided to use Saf instead of Sam. Saffie just came from there really and I use it quite a lot in forums etc! I did really want Saffie's beads for my business name but someone else had already bagged the domain name so I thought about it and decided on Aurorabeadz instead. Z instead of S cos it is a bit quirky (may not have been the best idea business wise on the internet: people search beads with an S and not generally with a Z but aurorabeads was already taken, ok it is in Australia but it was already taken!) The reason for Aurora is that I have this strong desire to see the Aurora Borealis sometime in my life and I was reading Northern Lights by Philip Pullman when I was thinking about a company name so Aurora it was!!!

So there you go some more useless information for you! But I do quite like sharing stuff like this with you guys cos it gives you bit more of an insight into me!!!

Right best be off, dinner is cooking and I got beads to make tonight. Got to fill my shelves!!

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Hoorah for the weekend...

It's Saturday once again. How sad that we measure our lives in weekends (or I do anyway!) Is that indicative of something???
Anyway not a bad week overall teaching restarted at work so I got a bit busier, 2 weeks time it really kicks off in earnest. I am teaching 3 days a week and have one day a week off so my other day is going to be a bit hectic I think but hey ho! I am finding it a little hard at the moment getting my head around working for 4 days a week but basically getting 5 days a week work crammed in. I still have lesson prep etc to do and I really do try not to work at home in the evenings not least because evenings is my time for the torch.
After successfully selling a large proportion of my stock (thank you Lesley I hope you like them!!Please send me pictures!) I have been getting my head down a bit to re supply the shop. The tricky thing is that I have "The Big Bead Show" on 1st November and I need stock for that so I have decided that half of what I make will go up on the website and the other half I will keep back for the show. Gotta decide what to put up for sale and what to keep back
now! what else to report? Imogen has settled into senior school quite nicely. I think we have all fallen back into the morning routine quite nicely, always seems quite a shock after 6 weeks off over the summer. It is getting damper in the mornings now and I don't imagine it will be long before the heating has to go on...actually perhaps I should stick it on for hour or so just to check it is running ok!
Not a lot else to report really. Keep your eyes peeled on the website new stock will be up by the end of the weekend.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

wow what a day...

Hi there. Well my weekend away was lovely. The weather was not to grand but we had it mild compared to the west of the country! Spa was fab as usual and just generally chillin was really nice. I knwo I have just had summer holidays off but this was just me with some mates all just kicking back! Not children, no housework etc!! Nice!!!

When I got home I found that there was an email waiting for me on the website asking for a price on all...yes you heard right ALL of my beads. Not my silver core beads but all of the others!!! OMG!! and then today this same lady bought em all!!! I am now totally cleaned out of stock, well almost. Don't get me wrong I am stunned and dead chuffed that someone likes my work and bought it. But... I have a show in a around 6 weeks and no beads!!! AArgh!!!

right anyway had an evening on the torch tonight and made a few I think are quite promising! will do show and tell tomorrow hopefully!

Getting late off to bed now so see ya tomorrow

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Whoo hoo girly weekend looming...

This weekend is the annual Center Parc 6 jaunt to...yes you guessed it...Center Parcs. This is the 3rd year we have done it and should be fab except for one thing. One of our number is currently in hospital and it is looking unlikely that she will make it with us. Gutted...!!!
This weekend consists of 6 friends generally chillin out in some fantastic scenery. We treat ourselves to a spa session, we take our bikes, we go riding. We eat drink, go swimming and just have a wicked time! 3 of the gang are childminders so they get an opportunity to get away from the kids for a few days so do us mum's! Leave the children with the men!!!
I can't wait I do enjoy this weekend, may be the last one for a couple of years cos things are a bit tight finacially and although I could save cos it isn't that expensive it is a bit unfair on the OH that I get a treat and he doesn't. So next year off then start again the year after! Anyway next year the youngest starts school!!!

What else is there to report? Imogen's first day at senior school went well, she only got lost twice!!! She came home full of it and seemed to thoroughly enjoy her day. I walked her to school again this morning but I think that may be it now, street cred and all that!!! As long as she does not walk alone I am cool with it!

Bead wise things have been very good today I have sold 3 things from my site overnight, I get a real buzz from that. Not making money but that someone likes the look of my stuff enough to want to buy it. What a cool feeling! The money I do make from my beads goes straight back into feeding my obsession with glass! Basically I am feeding my habit!!!!!!!

I am really interested to know who else reads this blog or if I am talking to myself... There is a follower gadget to the right of this page. Please take the time to sign up so I can see who follows me!!!

Right I best be off, got work to do!
TTFNx fact about half nine!!! What a waste of time putting my kiln on I made a load of tut this evening. I knew I was due a bad evening but why today!!! I got some new glass from CIM and wanted to play and nothing went right! AAARRRGHHHH!!!! that's it for 4 days now what a shitty note to end on for a few days eh!!! oh well, can't win em all i guess!!!
See you on 9th