Thursday, 24 September 2009

New this week

It has been a funny old week. I went camping last weekend and had a total blast but since being home I havebeen told of 2 deaths (not of anyone I know well but friend of a friend type of thing) and my youngest daughter starting school, and bank meetings and business meetings and just busy busy busy!!!

So I finally got down to making some beads and pictures are above for your delectation!

Now that Savannah is at school I am hoping to triple my time in the shed! The Business Link meeting I went to was very good and inspiring and I have a few ideas I am going to explore one of these is that my business is limited by how many beads I can make and at 6 hours a week that ain't to many. So getting shed time is essential. So as of next week I hope to get a good 15 - 20 hours a week which I am very excited about. I have also just taken a booking for tuition so all is good here.

I have a jewellery party tonight which should be great not least cos I get to catch up with a whole load of friends. I am planning on doing one party a month so I will launch that tonight! and final news I have bought the kit that enables me to make silver clay memory jewellery from childrens drawings as well as their foot prints and handprints etc! I am going to have to practise loads but I hope to get that running in time for Christmas. Exciting times and my little head is buzzing with ideas!!!


Sunday, 20 September 2009

And the winner is .......

......Clare Scott with her suggestion of dahlia beads. This was really hard actually to decide. I narrowed it down to lotus beads, dahlia beads, petal beads and desert rose beads. I could not I showed pictures of the various flowers to my husband and he decided on dahlia. Please also take some time to have a look at Clare's beads here

The dahlia is also co-incidentally my mum's fav flower so I think one is definitely in order for her!!!

Thank you so much Clare and to everyone who suggested names I have spent some time looking at some totally gorgeous pictures and one last mention to the suggestion of Rosette Nebula google it and have a look it is a spectacular sight!!!


Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Competition time!!!

I am really really enjoying making these beads at the moment and I am having a fair few ideas about them but I am failing miserably to think of a name for them. They kinds look like flowers to me but just not sure so I have decided as I have not posted a challenge for this months prize draw I will make the winner one of these beads in their chosen colours.

How do you win........simples.......leave a comment at the end of this post and on Sunday evening I will pick the one I like most and he or she can have one of my beadies!!!

So what are you waiting for get your thinking hats on and name my beads ;o)

thank you

Monday, 14 September 2009

The quest continues.....

.....for something that may even be near a "signature" bead for me!!! Have I spoken of this before I ramble about so many things!!!

There is this thing within the glass community to have a "signature" bead. That is not to say everyone HAS to have one but it is a thing that is held in high regard I think. To have a bead style, a design that is instantly recognisable as one of yours is like the Holy Grail! I am still searching.

Precision work or organic, dots or randomness what do I like. I actually like both. There are days when I will sit down and think today I am dotty (yes I hear you that is most every day!!! but we are not discussing my state of mind here LOL) and other days where I just play with the glass and get the organic thing! Mmm.....should I be striving for a signature bead, maybe my signature is that you just don't know what you are going to get with me. Well that is not strictly true one thing is for certain my beads are still fairly simplistic, simple but beautiful I hope! Have a sneak peek of some of this weeks work.


Thursday, 10 September 2009

New stock listed

Finally on my website here and my Etsy shop here

It all took me a bit longer than I expected cos my Internet went down this morning not sure why but anyhoo here I am and I have updated both shops!

I hope you are all well, I got so much stuff to catch up on so this is only a brief post but I will be back later with more chat

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


I am really missing not being at the torch it has been over a week now but I hope to get on the torch tonight and make some beadies to sell, I have some ideas for my Crackle bead range!

I have been pottering around Flickr this morning and came across this collection of totally stunning work. I can only ever hope to be anywhere close to this skilled!!! Click here to see the gorgeous work of Ruth. She also has a blog here

Carrying on the bird theme I also found these whilst browsing Flickr. I don't do sculptural bead work but am totally in awe of those who do. Their glass and heat control is just fantastic and these parrots are full of character.

Feeling somewhat inspired now I hope to be able to get a good evening on the torch and share my goodies with you tomorrow!


Sunday, 6 September 2009

You live and learn

Roman mythology is not really something I am totally familiar with let alone obscure goddesses but I have just been watching "Antiques Roadshow" and this guy had a painting of Cupid and Aurora. I had no idea Aurora was a goddess. Follow this link for more information here

What makes this interesting to me is the mythology behind it. Aurora is said to bring in the dawn each day and her tears for one of her killed sons are the morning dew. It signifies a new dawn much like my life right now. Without getting to profound this simply feels right that I have found this out now. It feels right that this is my trading name.

The Art and Craft exhibition is going well. I have sold a couple of pieces and the networking has been fantastic. The local paper has taken some pictures of me so hopefully I will be in the local paper which again can only be good!

Right "Waking the Dead" is on and I am actually gonna watch some decent TV

Friday, 4 September 2009

What I made for the Art and Craft exhibition

Not many words today just some pictures of what I have made for the Art and Craft Exhibition I am at for the next 5 days!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

"I" Day

"I" meaning interview!!!!! Argh!!!

I am also setting up my table for the Art and Craft Exhibition which starts this weekend. Tomorrow night is a preview night for invited dignitaries and exhibitors and then the exhibition true starts Saturday.

For those of you in travelling distance of Margate, Kent the exhibition is at St. Johns' Church, Margate and times are as follows:
Sat 5th 10 am - 2pm
Sun 6th 2pm - 4pm
Mon 6th - Wed 9th 10 am - 4pm

I am not sure of who else is exhibiting but I will get some piccies tonight and tomorrow and post them for you. I am quite excited about this. I have designed some leaflets detailing who I am and what I do so I am hoping it will generate quite a lot of interest in me and help launch the business more.

Right best be off gotta prepare for the interview I will be back later to fill you in