Sunday, 31 May 2009

The finished product!

The shed is finished! Savannah is quite proud of it. Dad has made her a window box and we planted some seeds yesterday to transfer into it when they have started to grow, she loves it!!!

I have also finished a commission for one of my customers and I totally love it. I hope she does!!!


His and hers and the kids.....

Tony and I have our own sheds in the garden. His is a huge shed where he does his woodwork and I don't have shed envy honest ;o).

Mine is a 7 ft square summer house where I make all my glass beads and do my small amount of silver smithing and now Savannah has a shed of her own.

Tony was doing some work at a house the other week and got friendly with the guy next door who has this up in a tree. He asked Tony if he wanted it for Savannah so it now lives in our garden. He has made a new door for it and repaired the window and Savannah wanted it purple so this is a picture of them both painting it this morning. Imogen is a little put out cos she wants a shed to make her cards in! But I really do think the garden is full now with 3 shed like buildings a 15" trampoline, a 2 storey rabbit hutch and a washing line! Thank goodness for a 60" garden!!!!! Mind you I am about to start to try to persuade Tony to do the bottom patio and incorporate a new workspace for me mwah mwah mwah!

Imogen is on a promise for a revamp in her bedroom, it is so cluttered and poorly set out and she is such a litterbug (wonder where she gets that from ;o) ) that it is in dire need of a rethink so she is happy and......if the thing I am hoping for works out to plan then money should become a little less of a worry! More about that as and when!!!

Imogen's sleepover is going well, they all went shopping yesterday afternoon and were brilliantly behaved last night although there was not much sleep before about 2 0r 3 am this morning!!! At the moment they are swimming at the local pool and then home for some lunch and then it is all over! I can't get over the fact that my little baby is 12 this week OMG!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIMI I love you tons!!!

Right sunshine is a wasting. BTW making beads tonight! got a couple of ideas!!!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Actually made some beads today!!!

I actually left the sewing machine alone and made some beads ;o) I only made some beads for an order for a couple of customers I am still strugggling a bit for concentration which is a little bizarre as I can concentrate on making bags!!! I am not worried tho my mojo will come back and I will be back on form with the beads real soon!!!

I stuck to simple beads today, some pink lady from reicenbach hand shaped into nuggets. I have made these before and the lady who bought them has asked me to make some more. I also have a commission from a previous customer who has asked me to make her some jewellery for her aunt birthday. I have a very wide remit with little boundaries but she did give me an idea of what she liked so I am working on a couple of ideas in my head.

I have also been asked to do another tutorial for Beads and Beyond, that is my 3rd one and I am quite chuffed, it is another art clay project but some of my handmade beads will feature as well! I am looking forward to getting down to it next week.

This weekend is going to be somewhat stressful. Some how some time ago I apparently agreed that my 11 year old can have a sleepover for her 12th birthday! Soooo.....This weekend I am going to have 5 12 year olds roaming around! Tony has got some work this weekend so it is up to me to keep em amused!! OMG!!!! I must be mad. Should be ok actually, I have met most of Imogens friends and they are a nice bunch got a few things planned for them as well!!!

Right best be off better cook tea!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

my first proper bag!!!

I have been sewing since 11 this morning making the bag you see here. I changed the pattern a bit in places to suit me and cos I simply did not understand what they were trying to get me to do (duh!!!) But I am very very happy with the end result. Anyone want a bag???

Monday, 25 May 2009

Storm chasers extraordinaire!!!

We have just been out for the day and travelling home we drove into a thunderstorm and I managed to catch this piece of lightening on my phone camera. It has taken me a while to get it onto here but here it is for you all to take a look at. It is only 6 seconds long - watch the middle of the screen! You will also need to play it twice first time the actual lightening does not show up!!


8 Things.....

Ah ha I have been tagged again to do the 8 things post. My tags are from Kelly at Kebo Jewellery and Helen at Blue Fairy Apologies for not doing this first time round hopefully this will make up for it! So what is 8 things?

The rules are:
1) Mention the name (s) of the person who tagged you
2) Do the lists of 8
3) Tag 8 bloggers of your choice
4) let them know that they have been tagged.


8 Things I am looking forward to
  1. Getting better
  2. Watching my beautiful girls growing up
  3. Summer holiday
  4. Growing old with my amazing husband
  5. Playing Mario kart with my eldest daughter and beating her (ha ha ha)
  6. Going out for a walk this afternoon along the beach
  7. Making better beads
  8. Developing my sewing skills
8 things I did yesterday
  1. Cooked a roast chicken dinner (mmm....)
  2. Bathed my youngest daughter (I love bath time)
  3. Made some beads
  4. Showed a friend how to make glass beads
  5. Had a lie in (again!!)
  6. Kissed and hugged my husband
  7. Was sociable with some old friends (I am struggling with being with people a bit so this was brilliant)
  8. Comforted my oldest daughter who has a nasty cold and was feeling quite poorly
8 things I wish I could do
  1. Be an at home mum
  2. Have a successful jewellery and handbag business that means I can stay at home and work
  3. Be happy ( I know that is up to me!!!)
  4. Have a bit more money so that we don't have to watch the pennies so much
  5. Draw (sorry helen I know I have copied that!!)
  6. Write a novel
Sorry struggling for 7 and 8

8 shows I watch ( in no particular order)
  1. 24
  2. Eastenders
  3. Britains got Talent
  4. The Apprentice
  5. 6 O'Clock evening news
  6. Road Wars
  7. Air Crash Investigations
  8. Deadliest Catch
8 people I am tagging
  1. Karen at Scrapbook Sisters
  2. Kandice at Coloraddiction
  3. Veryan at Beady Pool
  4. Dawn at Zelda Zog
  5. Emma at The Little Bead Shop
  6. Vicki at Swiss Side Jewellery
  7. Becci at Fired Silver
  8. Clair at Claire Wolfe
Over to you guys!!!


Saturday, 23 May 2009

Fat quarters

OMG inspiration for beads and bags. I am in heaven!

Friday, 22 May 2009

Tonights offering!

I have got the sewing machine out again tonight and made this! It is a business card holder from an Amy Butler pattern free on the Internet. I think I may have a new hobby. Again there are a few errors but I personally think it is 100% better than the bag last night I felt so much more confident and using the pattern really helped me not to make stoopid novice mistakes! I should stop being so hard on myself I am a sewing novice so mistakes are to be expected!!!

Other news...My GP has signed me off for another 2 weeks. Generally I don't feel to bad except when I am with people! I have withdrawn completely and am very happy at home making beads and sewing and generally being my own company. I am getting out and about like Tesco's shopping but not really seen or spoken to anyone for 2 weeks except on here. I am on the Frit Happens forum a little bit still but quieter than usual. Bizarrely the anxiety is becoming an issue but hopefuly over the next 2 - 4 weeks things should settle down as the new meds kick in!

Tony has friends coming down from London this weekend so very little sewing or beads will be made, it is someone I have met before so it will be good for me to come out of my shell a bit and see how being in company affects me! Be Monday before I get to the machine or the torch again!

Anyway best be off, thank you for sticking with me and for listening to me it is appreciated
TTFN xxx

Thursday, 21 May 2009

You are not allowed to laugh.....

Ta Dah!!! My new venture. I have not sewn anything other than curtains since I was at secondary school!!! So I have been having some really vivid dreams sinces my medication has been changed and one of these was about making my own bags! What you can see in the photos above and below is my first attempt! I have made some very stupid and basic errors but I worked without a pattern and have learnt loads! I am going to make bags to sell my beads in as well as handbags and tote bags! (Once I have had significant amounts of practice!!!)

My eldest daughter (bless her) loves this bag and has snaffled it for herself. I love my daughter!

I am relaunching my Belita beads soon and am making little pouches for them and I will offer standard wrapping for my beads and jewellery at no extra cost but for that something a little special I will offer my little bags for a small cost!

Watch this space.. I hope your sides are ok after all that laughing!!!


Wednesday, 20 May 2009

A new idea is brewing

...Not gonna say much but I am having an idea! Some what of a diversion from what I make at the mo and if I can sort it out will be another string to my bow but I think I can make the new thing and the beads and jewellery work together..
Ha has that got your interest or what....

Watch this space.

Other news I have been making more spacer beads (about all I am good for at the mo!!) and I have found this completely delish yellow

It is Bullseye sunflower yellow and I love it. I am not normally a yellow person but this is very very nice. It is a striking colour and when I am winding it onto the mandrel it is the most beautiful undescribable colour, one of those beads that I wish stayed the same colour when hot as cold! That said the yellow that comes out of the kiln is just......sunny!!!

I have also made these 2 sets which will be up on my website tomorrow for sale!




Tuesday, 19 May 2009

New listings on Etsy and my website

Getting my act together a bit with my beads! I got loads sitting around and feel like getting them up for sale! 2 pendants on Etsy here and I am about to go to my website here and upload some bargain basement goodies and a very colourful set of beads!!!

thank you

Spacer bead queen

I am the spacer bead queen. My hands are shaking so much dots and lines are out of the question and my mind is like a grasshopper jumping around so much I thought I had best keep my work simple. This is quite therapeutic though. I am practising encasing and really feel like I have cracked it at last, I can encase quite nicely now and am very pleased with myself.


Saturday, 16 May 2009

I managed to make these!!!

I had a mega session on the torch yesterday and yes I only managed to make simple beads BUT... I have practised round beads and encasing and overall a good haul I think.

The encasing is fine sadly the glass is not! I appear to have a bad batch of Effetre clear which goes "scummy" when I heat it. This means that there are loads and loads of tiny bubbles. Does not affect the bead itself but aesthetically some people won't like the look. I have etched them which has made them look better and I quite like them.

Friday, 15 May 2009

What have I been up to?

I promised I was not going to get to boring or maudlin on you but you just have to understand where I am right now so that some of this post makes some kind of sense.

After years (at least 2 or 3 but in reality a lot more!) I have been dealing with what I describe as a "low grade" depression. Most of the time I am fine there are good days and bad days! I have never had to take time off work for it. I do take meds but no time off. UNTIL.....This week. I give in...I just can't cope right now so here I am at home taking some time out!

My GP has changed my meds and signed me off for 2 weeks, Tony is worried sick about me and I am just chillin trying to get my head back on a bit!!!

Everyone keeps on going on about "me" time so I have taken the opportunity to get into the studio and make beads!!!! Well Wednesday I did not know whether to laugh or cry!!! I turned out a load of rubbish, yesterday I became the spacer bead queen churning out 40 small spacer beads in different colours!!! So I took that as inspiration today and thought I would go back to basics. I make little spacer beads all the time so I thought right make single colour beads but larger, practice getting round beads instead of "donut" shaped ones!!! Then I decided to practice my encasing using my crappy effetre clear rods that are so scummy it is untrue BUT...I can etch them once they are cooked and they will look fab! This afternoon I have churned out somewhere in the region of 50 beads or so and feel ok actually!

Can I make this pay....Can beads and jewellery ever become my main income???

BTW I am featured in this months edition of Beads and Beyond with another art clay tutorial. All in all today is one of my better days for a few weeks!!! Just gotta wait for the kiln to ramp down and see what the kiln fairies leave me!!!


Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Inspiration and just gorgeous

There are so many beads and pieces of jewellery out there that I admire that I thought I would share some of them with you. This is just a sample of peoples work that I admire.

and there are so many others I could go on and on!!!!! Julie at Lush Lampwork, Keiara at byKeriara, Becky of Chameleon Designs, and I have not even started on the USA artists!!!

Right now I am just browsing round the internet and looking at what people make, I am off work for 2 weeks (no not holiday!!!) and just trying to chill a bit and browsing around the gorgeous stuff people make is relaxing!


Thursday, 7 May 2009

Your jewellery my beads!

I have just had an email from one of my customers who has made some jewellery from some beads she bought from me. I get such a kick from this....Thank you. I love seeing what you make with beads you get from me!

Practice beads

So I am on my sofa wrapped up in a blanket feeling not very well and tinkering on the internet! Realised I took these and forgot to blog them! I made these yesterday afternoon, more of the designs I have been playing with lately! I am not actually that happy with them and am seriously worried that the 4 I sold yesterday may have been a one off fluke! (God I hope not!)
That said a couple of these are nicer than the others mostly the top one and the bottom one. The top one cos I just simply like the colours Effetre Grass green etched seems really summery to me and the bottom one cos I like the pattern and the lines! I do think that the base glass should be transparent cos the etching really finishes the bead off (IMO) but I have to play with the different glasses as some of them don't keep their nice crisp lines!!

My Bullseye order arrived a little while ago but sadly it may be a couple of days before I get onto the torch now cos I am not feeling top ticket but hey ho at least I have been able to catch up with "The Apprentice" which I missed last night!

Right going now see you all soon and don't forget I would love to hear what you think about my beads above or any other colour suggestions

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

This might help!!!

So I blogged this morning about having problems with finding colour combos that work and look what someone found on Frit Happens - Colour Lovers

I have fallen in love with another website! I have printed of some deeply scrummy colour combos and now need to see if I can match glass to the colours! and then off I go to make beads!

That said I had a couple of hours this afternoon and turned out complete pap! After my fantastic session last night with the beads I posted earlier I have succesfully made 2 sets of spacer beads! BTW the beads I posted about this morning sold within half an hour of me listing it on Etsy...How chuffed was I!!!

Anyway no beading tonight so gonna have to wait till at least tomorrow evening before I can get onto my torch again! In the meantime I feel a glass order coming on!!!


Wow post number 200

I have to say I am quite pleased with myself for being so consistent and writing this blog and I totally enjoy it. I do hope you guys who read it enjoy it as well!

Happy 200th post to me and many more to come!

Right to other stuff I made these last night

Those of you who follow my blog will recognise these as a design I started on a few weeks ago but I got waylaid by big swirl beads after the Flame Off. I returned to these last night and am really happy with the way they have turned out. It helped making a bigger base bead and the one thing I am really into at the mo is bigger beads. I do like my little beads but bigger ones provide a better canvas for designs! The colour combo was a bit of an ephiphany yesterday afternoon, not a unique colour combo blue and yellow work together but I do struggle with getting colour combos right. You should see my orphan and fugley box, full of beads that just don't do it for me!!! I do sell these cos my taste will be different from others but I sell them as orphans you have to keep an eye on my website for my occasional bargain basement sale!

Right gotta go, house work to do and shopping I am having a Body Shop party tonight for a friend who has just become a consultant!

Have a lovely day

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Beaders Showcase

Yay I am one of this weeks featured artists in Beaders Showcase For those of you unfamiliar with this web site click on the "This week" section in the "Album Showcase". I am one of 9 featured artists and there are another 2 forum members with me Sarah from Flame Force Five and Pam from Maple Glass

Other news I am still struggling with stringer control on my beads and it is beginning to frustrate me but I will perservere (?sp). I have made a gorgeous ribbon bead this weekend that I am very happy with and they are quite forgiving of my poor stringer technique LOL. I will post a picture later there has not been much sun the last 2 days.

Right best be off, gotta get ready for work and get Savannah to my SIL as my childminder is off this week! Have a lovely day

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Silver lentil beads

The finished article and I am quite pleased, not totally uniform but that is one of the things about handmade subtle differences with each one. I will take better pictures later and I think I may sell these what d'ya reckon! Would they be of interest to anyone?

Friday, 1 May 2009

Art clay pictures!

The top picture is what Keiara and I made on Wednesday when she came round! The fingerprint and the flower are mine the rest are Keiara's! The hearts are diddy!!! We did have fun tho honest Keiara's face when she saw what happens to the clay! It is amazing stuff tho!!! I still marvel at it!

The second picture is of my art clay lentils. The bottom ones are sanded down and virtually ready for firing the top ones are rough still! NO casualties yet still got 11 little devils to do something with! I am not sure if I am going to use them or if I am going to sell them! Lets see how they fire and what they are like once I have drilled the other hole in! Oh and tumbled them!

No beading tonight but I am hoping that my parcel from Jolene arrives tomorrow so I can play saturday night! I have joined the Mini Mo club which is run by Jolene and each month I get a selection of murrini, shards and twisties to use in my bead designs and I am really looking forward to that! So more beads to come!!!

Right best be off got lentils to sand and fire final pictures tomorrow!!!