Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sunshine award

Thank you so much to these following for nominating me for the Sunshine award:
There are rules that I am supposed to follow but this award has really been around so I would like to choose some people that have not had the exposure that this may afford them so for now simply thank you for thinking of me and linking to my blog. I have linked back to you and hopefully you will get new followers from it.

TTFN xxx

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Life's a peach

Life's a peach
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You know when you make something and you think it looks completely gorgeous then you go and see other peoples work and look at your own and think hmm...... well I just did that! Don't worry I am not gonna get all "my beads are not good enough..." but I wonder if I will ever make something complex!

This set and the other set I just put on Flickr called Bullseye twister were the result of 2 hours beading today and I am very happy with them! The photos are not fab cos they were taken indoors with naff lighting I hope for a little sun tomorrow morning so I can take some proper piccies. These will be available on my website to sell by lunchtime!


Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Silver metal clay pendants

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I made these a couple of weeks ago but had not got round to finishing them so today I soldered the rings on the flower and the small pendant and then tumbled them. After tumbling I dipped them all in liver of sulphur and then rubbed them with a silver cleaning cloth.

I am very pleased with these I love the way the liver of sulphur has coloured them. I would love to hear what you think of them as well


Tuesday, 26 January 2010

FHFteam spotlight - Trudi of Glittering Prize

This is the totally stunning "Striking Eye" bead from Trudi of Glittering Prize which can be found here and she is the focus of the current FHFteam spotlight!


Monday, 25 January 2010

Pink swirls

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It is typical isn't it? I get my mojo back and I am working almost full time and get little time on the torch! Grr........ Should not moan cos I am very content with life at the moment. I am totally loving being a nurse again and have applied for a full time job and I am loving that I have mojo again despite not being in my shedio for the last week. I am not going to get stressed by it things will settle and I will get back into a routine and you guys get the anticipation effect.... hee hee. What will she produce next?

I have just had my delivery of new frits from Val Cox so expect some more fritty swirly beads from me and I am awaiting an order from the USA soon with some Bullseye odds and more coe 96 glass for my fritty beads! You can just bet your bottom dollar that that little package is stuck in customs :o( still it will be worth the wait.

MY huge order from Cool Tools has also arrived so I have some new things for my silver metal clay. Speaking of that I have 3 pendants nearly completed which I hope to finish off this week and post on my website so keep your eyes peeled.

Right I have to go get ready for another shift. Have a good Monday guys and see you soon


Sunday, 24 January 2010

FHFteam spotlight - Les (Flame Born Beads)

The next spotlight is on a lovely lady called Les her beautiful work can be found here. The photo above is directly from Les's online website and is one of the gorgeous sets of beads she has on offer as well as some more whimisical and unusual beads. Please go and have a look and you never know what goodies you may find.


Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Pinks bracelet

pinks bracelet
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This was a commission for a friend who wanted a bracelet in pinks and purple. The beads are all handmade by me and accompanied with swarovski crystal bicones and I cut all the jump rings myself as well and made the simple 2 - in - 2 chain . I am very pleased with this, it is lovely to wear and sits comfortably on the wrist! I hope my client likes it as well!!!

Other news: some places are apparently having a return to the snow today! Nothing here at the mo which I am very pleased about. What....I hear you cry I thought you liked snow! Well I do but I had a little accident on Monday when I fell down my stairs and I am a little battered and bruised (although not as much as I thought I would be!) but stepping out on snow and ice simply does not appeal right now!!! I hope it is not to bad where you guys are.


Tuesday, 19 January 2010

FHFteam spotlight

Land or sea scape?
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This scrummy bead is by Jo who is the current featured artist on our facebook fan page. Read more about Jo here


Friday, 15 January 2010

FHFTeam member spotlight - Ruth and Andy

As a member of the FHFteam on Etsy we all work together to promote each others work and this is a new venture. Each week we are going to feature a member of the Etsy team and help to promote them on our FHFteam on Facebook page!

From today until the 18th January it is the turn of Ruth and Andy, husband and wife team. The picture you see above is taken from their Etsy shop and I think it is simply divine and there are loads more like that. They also have a blog here so please go take a look, add them to your favourites read their blog and enjoy the glassiness!


Thursday, 14 January 2010

Pink swirl focal

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I am not generally a focal bead person despite the fact that I love them a lot! I simply find it quite challenging to get enough glass together to get a decent size bead! So I am very pleased with this little beauty! Made with clear glass and some of Val Cox's scrummy pink frit! and a little swirl on each side this is truly a lovely focal bead! And there are little round beads to match! (you can see them in my Flickr album here) I hope to get them up on my website to sell on saturday as I am working all day Sunday! I am also hoping to get another day on the torch tomorrow but I fear that I am brewing a cold! My eyes are so heavy I want to sleep and my nose is tingling does not bode well I am sure! Lets see what happens eh but for now I am having another torch day tomorrow!


Wednesday, 13 January 2010

New Years Day

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Tony, Savannah and I went for a walk New Years Day there had been a couple of snow showers and more were threatening so we decided to go for a bracing walk along Margate beach and along the promenade to Garlinge where my parents live! The picture you can see here was the sight that greeted us along the seafront shortly before a hefty snow shower hit us! At this moment things were calm and it was quite pleasant walking along then the wind picked up and it snowed very heavily for about 20 minutes!

I love this picture I am not a very good photographer usually but I am quite pleased with this. There are a couple more in my flickr album if you want to have a look !

On the bead front I have had a good day today making beadies. The kiln is ramping down now so I guess I will have to wait till the morning to see what I have waiting for me in there. I am actually hoping to get some time in on Friday as well which will be really nice! My parcel from USA has arrived at last as well, I gotta pay £20 customs charges before I can pick it up so I should have that tomorrow! All very exciting!!!


Sunday, 10 January 2010

Light emerald frosties

Light emerald frosties
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I thought frosted beads were appropriate for the current weather conditions across the UK. I have to say things have massively improved in Margate today there is very little evidence of snow and at the moment it is actually raining. I do know that things were quite bad yesterday in Sandwich, Deal and Folkestone, Dover way but here in Margate nothing, de nada, zilch.
Part of me is pleased cos I can send the girls to school tomorrow as they will reopen but I am quite sad not to have had the opportunity to go out and play in it with the girls. I have got some photos of them playing in it which I will upload later hopefully but I did not get the chance to go out in it with them properly!
These beads will be listed on my website later today as well as some more jewellery on my Etsy site sneak previews can be found on my Flickr album here
Stay warm, keep safe

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


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Here is (or should that be here are!!!) one of the 2 pairs of heart earrings that I have just finished. The hearts are made from art clay silver and I have soldered sterling silver posts onto the back for pierced ears. I am very pleased with these and will be offering them for sale soon.
Watch this space

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Fritty swirls

fritty swirls
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Some of todays goodies for your delectation. I love making these beads they are simple but look stunning. The colour combinations are endless. I have ordered more frit and will be making more along this theme.

I hope you are all ok where you are, we are currently waiting for the arrival of the forecast snow but I have a feeling that is going to move right past us on this little corner of East Kent, typical!!!! Mind you I kinda hope so cos I need to work and if it snows the schools will shut and life will grind to a halt for a while!!!

Right best be off see you soon

Monday, 4 January 2010

I am back xx

Turquoise and ivory set
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Happy New Year to you all I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year. Mine was very pleasant thank you, spent some quality time with the family and just chilled for a couple of weeks. I did do some agency work over the Christmas hols but not a huge amount!

I am also very pleased to announce that I am getting back into my shedio and making beads. Not a huge amount of beads but a few sets nonetheless. These beads you can see here will be available to buy in my shop later today along with a few others and I am listing some jewellery in my Etsy shop as well!