Monday, 31 August 2009

August Prize draw winner

Thank you to everyone who signed up to my Aurorabeadz Facebook fan page I have drawn a winner and that is Connie and I have emailed her. I have a fantastic 154 fans now which is awesome, thank you again.

I am very busy this week with preparing for my interview for the nursing agency on Thursday and my Art and Craft Exhibition from Sat 5th to Wed 9th Sept. I have not had time to get to my torch this week so there won't be any new beads up for sale this week. I am making jewellery tho so keep your eyes open for pictures and at some point in next 2 weeks I will announce my September prize draw!

Gotta go I have some fingerprint pendants in the tumbler which need to be retrieved and finished for a customer.


Wednesday, 26 August 2009

A very cute picture

Not of beads but of my 4 year old daughter in her new school uniform. I can't believe she is going to school already, where does the time go???

Just a quickie

to let you know I have updated my website and my Etsy shop. I will be back later with a longer post

Monday, 24 August 2009

This weeks sneak peek!

A little preview of what I will be listing in my shop and in Etsy this week as I have rather neglected my Etsy shop these last couple of weeks! The set of beads on the left are my new Crackle range so called as they look like the crackle paint effect on old furniture. This effect is easy to get simply exploit the "webbing effect" that dark ivory has when you get it really hot! I think there may be more of these in different colours! I will be updating my shop somethime Wednesday sadly I cannot give a time as I am not sure what I am doing cos Tony is off this week so we are getting some serious family time in! Imogen is even on a seeing her friends reduction so she can spend some time with us! Not sure how well that has gone down but we have a few ideas of how to make this week interesting on a serious budget!

Anyway must be off

Friday, 21 August 2009

Busy busy busy

I am loving this bead. Dark Ivory with dots of silvered ivory placed round it and partially melted in. I have then etched it for a matt effect and it also makes the bead smooth to touch! If I wore this I would constantly be fiddling with it like a worry bead sort of thing! This will be up for sale on my website next week!

The spacer bead fest continues I am trying to build up a decent stock for "The Big Bead Show" in October. There are only 8 weeks to go and I am beginning to find myself juggling a bit. No way am I going to complain tho this is exactly what I hoped for. Between now and the show on 17th October I have 1 definite jewellery party with one provisional. I have some fingerprint commissions to do next week 1 bracelet and 1 pendant, hoping to put my new found soldering skills to use ;o) I have another fingerprint commission awaiting in the background, trying to find some butterfly cookie cutters that are big enough for 2 finger prints but not to big to make a hideous necklace!!!

I have also just applied for a local art and craft exhibition to be help at my local parish church. This is from 5th - 9th Sept and there is a preview night on 4th sept for invited dignitaries and exhibitors! I so hope I can get a place in this! I should know by the beginning of next week.

In all of this I have an interview for NHS Professionals so I can do agency work to ensure an income and maintain my nursing registration so sometime in all this I am gonna need to do some shifts!!! Nights are beginning to look attractive LOL.

I also plan to do more bead shows next year so I need to start getting these sorted as well. On top of that Christmas is not to far away 126 days apparently according to here so I should really be planning a party end of October, maybe I should move one of the September ones!!!

Whew!!! Busy busy busy.

What about you guys so many of you who follow my blog make and sell your own jewellery and beads and much more, are things picking up for you as well?

Oh and another bit of good news for you crafty peeps in Thanet, Hobby craft is opening a store at Westwood cross in October yay!!!


Thursday, 20 August 2009

I have been soldering!!!

and made these...

The 2 top ones are fresh from the safety pickle. The bottom left is ready to hammer I have filed it down to remove where the solder join is and the bottom right is hammered!!!

What have I used my first ever soldered ring for?

Here you go...what do you think!

Personally I love it and I think a necklace of this ilk shall be the prize for my August prize draw. All you have to do is become a fan of Aurorabeadz on Facebook and on the evening of 31st August I will use a random number selector to pick a winner. You wil have a choice of pink blue or green as the theme for your prize! You can find a link to my fan page on facebook to the right of my blog page!


Wednesday, 19 August 2009

New beads and Ventian Fete

Both on my website for sale here on the "Beads" page. I love the shape of the bottom one I am really getting to grips now with the barrel and bicone shape. The ends (although you can't see them clearly here) are much straighter and neater. I am, however, not sure about the grey base, felt right whilst I was making it but I am not to sure now in the flesh! It was inspired by a vase I saw in John Lewis the other day and I think I am going to play with colour combo's but at last I am making focal beads that I like!

There are more sale items in my Bargain Basement as well, 2 more days of adding new goodies and it is all over so jump in a grab yourself a bargain.

Tonight I am going to Hythe (Kent) to see the Venetian Fete. This is essentially Hythe's carnival but it takes place on the Royal Military Canal. I have many many fond memories of Hythe as my Dad comes from there and my Mum from Folkestone and I was born in Folkestone. My wonderful but alas no longer with us grandparents lived their all their life and I spent many a summer and Christmas holiday with them as a child and it was truly wonderful. I miss them both so much but love going to where I feel spiritually close to them! Savannah has never been to the fete before and I am not sure if Tony has either. I am meeting my Mum and Dad there and I think one of my sisters as well with her 2 kids. I am really looking forward to it, if you are in the area why not come along tableux starts at 7pm and fireworks at dusk.


Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Sneak peek!

Morning, I have a couple of pictures for you today! The top one is called wow wow wubzy after the childrens programme I was watching with Savannah the other morning. I will let you google it to find out more info but it is full of fab colours and wonderful shapes and this one jumped out at me! I added the black dots for effect!!

The second picture is my first pendant bead. The raised dots are goldstone and at certain angles the gold really shows up! the hole is across the top of the bead and this would look fab strung on leather thong I think. Both of these and hopefully more will be in my shop for sale on Wednesday!

I am about to potter over to my website and upload todays sale goodies so don't forget to take a look there for some mega bargains.

Out this afternoon with my sister and our kids maybe afternoon on the beach who knows and torch tonight so a full day ahead!

What about you guys what are your plans?


Monday, 17 August 2009

MAD summer sale

I had a clean up and decided I need a clear out so today and for the next few days I will be adding goodies to my bargain basement for your delectation. This will be beads and completed jewellery. Each item is a one off once it is gone it is gone! First come first served an all that!

Enjoy and don't forget to pop back each day to see what has been added!!!

Visit my website here and click on "Bargain Basement" on the left hand side of the page.


Friday, 14 August 2009

A little something to show you all!

In case you had not noticed I make spacer beads to supply people who make jewellery as well as my other beads. I had a big order this week for 80 beads which fortunately I managed to do before becoming unwell. I have also decided to do a monthly special on my spacer beads and this month it is black and white. I may have mentioned this earlier but I finally got a picture sorted

You get all these beads for a mere £10 which is a £2 saving on the usual price. If you go to my website here and go to the Made to Order page you will find more information.

Other news Imogen has gone to the Lake District for a week with her Dad and his family. It is lovely for her that she gets to spend quality time with her Dad but I do miss her when she is away and Savannah definitely does. I don't miss the bickering tho LOL !!!

Another week and Tony is off with us not quite sure what the plan is yet and I am still job hunting so money is very tight but it will be lovely to spend some time with the family and chill, it has been an interesting, difficult and challenging year and some family time is very much needed.

Hope you are all ok. Have a lovely weekend


Thursday, 13 August 2009

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Public information service!!!

It has been nearly a week since my last post but I don't really have much to show you. I have not had a decent torch session since last week due to my camping trip and yesterday evening I filled a spacer bead order. I was hoping to go up to my shed tonight but a temperature of 39.6 C shivers, then sweating and an appaling headache have put paid to that. My throat is coated with white spots so I think a hefty case of tonsillitus is my friend right now so it will likely be Monday before I get back on the torch again boo!!!

We had an absolute blast camping and are planning on going again in September but a new air bed is definitely in order as well as a camping heater cos September will be a little chilly at night! I have done a lot of research on air beds and Aerobed are coming up trumps. Are any of you reading this blog campers and if so do you have any recommendations. I would be interested to hear.

Bear with me guys normal service will be resumed as soon as possible


Friday, 7 August 2009

Beads and Beyond Magazine

I have got another tutorial in the September issue of Beads and Beyond. This will hit the magazine stands on 13th August unless you subscribe and then you will probably get it a few days before through your door!

Anyway there are 4 pictures across the top of the front page and my project is the furthest to the right, silver lentil beads with turquoise and ivory lampwork beads. I also love the necklace that is the main image so I can't wait to get my hands on this issue it looks fab as usual!


Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Another FHFteam treasury

Jolene came up with the idea of showing off our faces and workspaces in a treasury so go take a look at it here

Click on all 12 featured artists to see the beads / jewellery that we have on offer and to see what we all look like and if you are a member of Etsy feel free to leave a comment.

The more clicks we get the higher up the rating we get as well!!!


Some more goodies

Couple more goodies from the kiln for your delectation! I have just listed loads of beads on my website here

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Sneak peek!

A little glimpse of some of the goodies I will be listing on my website tomorrow!!!


Monday, 3 August 2009


Do you want to have a go at making glass beads? I can offer tuition at a reasonable cost if you are interested. Before I go setting dates etc I am keen to see if there is a need for me to offer. I live in Margate Kent UK which will help you to decide if you can travel to me for this. I will be able to offer beginners tuition and refresher sessions for people who have had a go before but want another session with supervision.

So over to you guys what would you like to see from me with regards to teaching??


Mini Mo Inspiration

I have the whole day today to make beads. I am a bit gutted that the stuff I listed last week has not sold and I am still struggling to work out why this might be. Is my stuff not good? not nice? is it cos it is summer and everyone is on holiday? Am I pricing it wrong and people are laughing? Am I expecting to much???????

Anyway after a bluesy couple of days and a busy weekend I finally get some torch time today. I got my August Mini Mo club stuff from Jolene of KitzBitz glass and it is turquoise!!! OMG I adore turquoise at the moment. The picture above is one of my very simple beads but shows beautifully the reaction between turquoise and ivory. The fingerprint jewellery is one of my things as well in case you are wondering!!!

So I have some silver infused turquoise shards, some turquoise murrini and some turquoise twisties. Pictures tomorrow hopefully!

I am also on a bit of a spacer bead splurge trying to get ready for The Big Bead Show in October so I make at least 2 or 3 sets of spacer beads and mini spacer beads each sitting at the torch.

Right best be off gotta get Savannah to her childminder, her last week this week as I can no longer justify it and afford it with me no longer working at the Uni. Will be sad on Friday to say goodbye to Sam and Lee for the last time although they may be able to help with school runs once Savannah starts school. Savannah has been there since she was 7 months old. Long time to be with someone and I am sure she will be a bit sad as well :o(


Saturday, 1 August 2009

OMG I have been soooo bad :o(

So we are going camping next weekend, have not been since I was a kid and have lots of memories of Devon and the New Forest and other places we went but it is all over shadowed with eating frosties with powdered milk bleurgh........

Anyhoo times they have a changed and we now can get electric hook up yay!!! So off we are going next weekend with some friends. They go quite a lot and have been trying to persuade us for years. So I think I have blogged already that we did a practise run with our tent, bought it 5 years ago and never used it. So we pitched it, quite quick and all seemed fine except I don't like it. There is nothing wrong with it at all I just don't like it! Fussy cow that I am eh! So we bought a new one today. I mean how out of order is that. I am about to lose my wage from the old day job and the beads are taking time (which I knew) to earn me enough to draw some kind of wage so we are supposed to be being careful and we spend money on a tent! Doh!!!

But it is a nice tent and that makes all the difference. I can quite happily rationalise it to myself and therefore no-one else can fault my rationale I am after all correct in my appraisal and we needed to buy a new tent!!!! Can you hear me trying to convince myself? Anyway done is done and we have a new tent. So...does anyone want to buy a 6 berth tent, pitched once 2 weeks ago for half an hour, other than that it has never been used. Bought it for £150 will take £80 for it.

The winner of my July prize draw was Melissa of oneearedpig
Watch this space for the August prize draw to be announced next week.