Wednesday, 20 February 2008

hi de hi. so spring was fairly shortlived!!! murky day today, lots of fog around that has not really burned off at all. Very chilly.

Essay marking still in full flow another week or so and i should have cracked most of it bar a few stragglers!! roll on next week. My summer house (posh term for shed i know!!!) arrives next week and i can get all my gear out into it and have my own space for torching and jewellery making and not worry about it being messy or anyone telling me to tidy up. hopefully though it will make me be tidy indoors - i does get quite messy at times and i know my OH finds it very frustrating bless him. still i have managed to get a little time on the torch this week will take photos and post later (i hope!)

anyway enough of that better get back to work!! TTFN

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