Friday, 29 February 2008

finished marking now down to the good stuff...

I have finally finished my mega marking marathon hoorah!!! Few stragglers left I would imagine but the bulk is done. My summerhouse arrived on Wednesday and my OH is insulating it and boarding it out ready for the electrics to be sorted tomorrow!!! I have not had any torch time for over a week now and the withdrawal is getting bad!!!! I can't tonight though cos it is so bloomin windy I will be playing chase the flame and quite frankly it is to risky - don't wanna burn myself!!!
Anyway I saw the bank manager today, she saw no problem with giving me a business account so that means hopefully i can sort out Paypal etc so that paying me with a card is sorted, quicker than a cheque! I don't want any money from them so it was fairly straightforward, just gotta wait for the stuff to come through and off I go. Gotta talk to tax people and council next week and also see about business insurance!!! There is so much involved but better to be up front and sorted now than get caned later!!!!!

Anyway better be off things to do etc TTFN x

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