Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Bad at this already!!!

I knew I would be bad at keeping a blog I kinda forget I got it but I am trying to make a concerted effort to keep it going.
So anyways where are we. It is Tuesday morning and I am supposed to be at work but my eldest daughter has spent half the night being ill and I had a very dodgy day yesterday so I am at home for a little while but gotta go to work shortly. Fortunately I am doing my linking stuff today so the hospital is only a 10 minute walk up the road and my neighbours are home so she will not be abandoned. Working full time and having kids is quite challenging to say the least and made harder by the fact that it is nearly always me who has to take time off when one of the kids is ill cos my OH loses money if he has a day off to be at home! Still hey ho thats life eh!!
I haven't made it into the studio for about a week now because of various things so the bead making has ground to a halt. Hoping I can tonight cos I am getting withdrawal again, saying that once I get up there I keep finding myself at a loss of what to make. I am taking part in a few challenges on the Frit Happens forum which help me to focus but I am lacking imagination and skill. I bought some dichroic glass and used it for the first time the other week and successfully got some dichroic and lots of scum!! aaargh!!!! what am I doing wrong! I really need to book in some more tuition with Sarah but money is a bit tight again (isn't it always though!) so that has got to wait.
I have got a party booked for 25th April for a friend of mine so I really gotta get on with making some beads and getting some jewellery together for that. I will take orders but I also want a decent amount of stock that I can sell.
The website is up and running there are some challenges I can't really discuss at the moment but one thing I really need to focus on is advertising. I need to get people onto my site and get some orders coming in, I need to build up some money so I can buy more stock and make more stuff to sell etc etc!

Anyway I suppose I had better go! things to do people to see and all that malarky. See you soon

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