Thursday, 24 September 2009

New this week

It has been a funny old week. I went camping last weekend and had a total blast but since being home I havebeen told of 2 deaths (not of anyone I know well but friend of a friend type of thing) and my youngest daughter starting school, and bank meetings and business meetings and just busy busy busy!!!

So I finally got down to making some beads and pictures are above for your delectation!

Now that Savannah is at school I am hoping to triple my time in the shed! The Business Link meeting I went to was very good and inspiring and I have a few ideas I am going to explore one of these is that my business is limited by how many beads I can make and at 6 hours a week that ain't to many. So getting shed time is essential. So as of next week I hope to get a good 15 - 20 hours a week which I am very excited about. I have also just taken a booking for tuition so all is good here.

I have a jewellery party tonight which should be great not least cos I get to catch up with a whole load of friends. I am planning on doing one party a month so I will launch that tonight! and final news I have bought the kit that enables me to make silver clay memory jewellery from childrens drawings as well as their foot prints and handprints etc! I am going to have to practise loads but I hope to get that running in time for Christmas. Exciting times and my little head is buzzing with ideas!!!


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