Sunday, 6 September 2009

You live and learn

Roman mythology is not really something I am totally familiar with let alone obscure goddesses but I have just been watching "Antiques Roadshow" and this guy had a painting of Cupid and Aurora. I had no idea Aurora was a goddess. Follow this link for more information here

What makes this interesting to me is the mythology behind it. Aurora is said to bring in the dawn each day and her tears for one of her killed sons are the morning dew. It signifies a new dawn much like my life right now. Without getting to profound this simply feels right that I have found this out now. It feels right that this is my trading name.

The Art and Craft exhibition is going well. I have sold a couple of pieces and the networking has been fantastic. The local paper has taken some pictures of me so hopefully I will be in the local paper which again can only be good!

Right "Waking the Dead" is on and I am actually gonna watch some decent TV

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  1. Glad its going well for you. Cant miss WTD guess what, House is on at the same time, thank god for videos still!!!! :0))