Monday, 14 September 2009

The quest continues.....

.....for something that may even be near a "signature" bead for me!!! Have I spoken of this before I ramble about so many things!!!

There is this thing within the glass community to have a "signature" bead. That is not to say everyone HAS to have one but it is a thing that is held in high regard I think. To have a bead style, a design that is instantly recognisable as one of yours is like the Holy Grail! I am still searching.

Precision work or organic, dots or randomness what do I like. I actually like both. There are days when I will sit down and think today I am dotty (yes I hear you that is most every day!!! but we are not discussing my state of mind here LOL) and other days where I just play with the glass and get the organic thing! Mmm.....should I be striving for a signature bead, maybe my signature is that you just don't know what you are going to get with me. Well that is not strictly true one thing is for certain my beads are still fairly simplistic, simple but beautiful I hope! Have a sneak peek of some of this weeks work.



  1. Well I think of your beads in simplistic style as your signature, I dont mean that unkindly, I would recognise your beads this way really. I dont think that is any different to being a bumpy bead person or character beads for instance. Its all about what you like to do, enjoy and what makes you happy at that time. I have decided I am not a sets person I like to do focals. And in time I think that would be my signature! Well here's hoping!! ♥

  2. I love those bluey green ones. How much would they be? x

  3. lovely beads, hon.. and I feel a wrist slap coming on.. ;) xox