Saturday, 19 December 2009

Belita Beads

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One of my collections of beads has gone quiet lately. I was making quite a few of these for a while but sales tapered right off. I was going to re launch this year but even in the sale I simply could not shift the last few of my Belita beads. I am not sure what to do now with them. As I have not been making them lately my success rate is fairly poor the last 4 I tried to core all broke :o( So anyway one of the things I am thinking about over Christmas is do I carry on making these or shall I leave it to others who make gorgeous ones! I think I know the answer but I do have a few of these for sale still. They are 4mm cores so fit the Troll bead system feel free to shout me to see what I have and they are only £10 each!

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