Tuesday, 22 December 2009


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I have been practising my soldering skills and am quite happy with what I am able to do now! These were the matching earrings for the lentil pendant I made. As you know I love the pendant so I have kept it for myself but I am very happy with these as well so they will be up for sale in the New Year once my shops reopen.
I am going to get into my shedio tomorrow as well as I have a few orders for beads that are not urgent. I am actually looking forward to making some beads, will have to see what I can make.

Anyway must be off I have a few more presents to wrap and I need to do some kind of inventory to see what else I need for the festive season.
What are your plans for the holidays? Wherever you are and whatever you are doing I wish you a peaceful Christmas and best wishes for 2010. I am sure I will blog before then but just in case LOL.


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  1. I had a list of jobs to do before Christmas, it had 34 items on it but as I crossed things out, I kept thinking of new ones to add ..! On Christmas eve morning there were still 17 items on it but DH and myself worked our way systematically through it. On Christmas day, we had eight for lunch at our home (first time ever for me cooking Christmas lunch), and two guests stopping overnight. After we had eaten, opened presents but before Dr Who's Christmas special, there were still two items which hadn't got done! The list, much discussed over lunch, was then ceremonially burned on the log fire to much amusement :-)