Wednesday, 16 December 2009

A bird on the hand....

Bird Ring
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....many of you will have seen this little guy already as I have been showing him off loads lately. I originally soldered him to some 1mm wire to see if that would work and it did but the 1mm wire was not suitable to wear as a ring.
The ring he is sitting on now is a silver metal clay ring I made some time ago (my first and to date only attempt at making a ring I hasten to add). it was a bit out of shape so I have tidied it up as much as I can and then soldered the little guy to it. Whilst I was soldering he sat back a bit so his beak is up in the air but actually I prefer this to how I was going to have him so I left him there.

He is now proudly sitting on my ring finger of my right hand is is very comfortable. I can see a range of these after Christmas but I need to practice ring making first.

Other news: I have shut my Etsy shop and my website for 3 weeks until 4th January 2010. Things have been so hectic with the silver clay jewellery that I have not made any beads for a few weeks and also my mojo is off so I thought a few weeks off would recharge the ole batteries. I am still around tho so feel free to chat to me on email, through here or on Facebook!


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