Monday, 26 October 2009

Red and black nuggets

red and black nuggets
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Here is Monday's scrummy beads for you to gaze upon. I am totally loving these colours and that leads me to something I would like to chat about.

There is very often and huge chasm between what I think will sell and what actually does. I am not moaning not by any stretch of the imagination but I am often bemused. The beads I am showing here are a case in point. Classic colours black and red with the Christmas season coming I think they look totally in place with a gorgeous black dress at a Christmas party yet they have not sold!

I know I only put them up for sale last night but I have just posted 7 lots of beads from orders off the website last night and surprisingly the black and red nuggets were not among them!

Anyway enough of that as long as people like my beads and continue to buy them then I am happy to keep making them and you know what there wil always be the bead or the set that you think will fly off the shelf but actually does not. Tis all part of the quirkiness of having my own business.

Have a lovely Monday

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