Sunday, 18 October 2009

God I sound like an ungrateful cow...

...why I hear you ask!!

Wellllll.....yesterday was the Big Bead Show and I had a fantastic day. I sold some stuff, I met old friends and I made some new friends but I was slightly disappointed not to have sold a bit more! Thats why I sound ungrateful. I kinda got the impression I was not alone with these feelings...don't get me wrong I will do it again my name is already down for next year because it is not just about the sales on the day it is about getting known and promoting myself and I did sell a fair amount of stuff.

Maybe it is more about me setting goals and making them realistic, maybe I worry to much but I do have bills to pay and 2 children to raise. Maybe I have to high expectations.

You know what I thought about scrapping this post so I did not appear ungrateful and what you don't know is how long this post took me to write cos it made me think loads. I made the decision to quit my job as a lecturer and chose to be a full time lampworker and jewellery designer. Until 2 months ago this was merely a hobby that made me a bit of pin money to keep me in glass and now it is more serious but these things take time and expecting to be rolling in money after 2 months is incredibly unrealistic.

I said it before and I will say it again I am on a journey and so far I am loving it.

PS Those of you who told me how much better I looked yesterday compared to last year thank you for noticing and for telling me, It makes me realise how much better I actually am and how far I have come. Thank you xxx


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  2. I think its not just expectations but hopes really, I think the recession/economic climate is a very big factor in sales generally. Lets hope it will pick up soon.

  3. And yes you really did look terrific and your hair really suited you!! Chin up hun and just hang in there!! How did today go btw??

  4. Blimey I am so tired it took me ages to think what I was doing today!!! Did you mean the gallery visit to show them my ideas?? it went well I gotta review my pricing a bit bit that is not a problem at all they liked my ideas and loved my beads and colours combos so all in all very good! I am fine Elaine i think tiredness plays a big part as well it has been while since I have been that public, 3 months ago I would have been a wreck actually I would not have been able to do it so I am very proud of myself and very happy :o)