Monday, 26 October 2009

Pink swirly lentils

pink swirly lentils
Originally uploaded by aurorabeadz
I think I may have mentioned that I have discovered polymer clay if not well I have and it is fab stuff. Not entirely dissimilar to art clay but a little trickier to manage as it gets quite sticky. I have been reading around the internet a bit and found some tuts on lentil beads and so I thought I would have a go and here is the result! My first set of 6 lentil beads. They look similar are similar size and if they come up well once cooked then I think I will definitely be putting them up for sale! Thing is I am not sure where to put the holes!!! Logic says side to side but something is wanting to make me put the hole through the middle!!! Mmm....maybe I should make them again and do both!



  1. they look fab I love the colour

  2. I think doing both is a wonderful idea, it offers a variety for creating! Fabulous first go at polymer clay, you're a natural!!