Sunday, 4 October 2009

Our little helper

For those of you who follow me on Facebook you will be aware that I have had some problems with my neighbours. I live in a mid terrace and whilst the walls are pretty good and noise is minimal there is obviously some noise that can be heard.

I have some really attractive paper in my hallway (not) and my hubby decided at the beginning of the week that he could no longer bear to look at it so he is wallpaper stripping must to the disgust of my neighbour who, at 8.30 in the evening was rapping on the wall complaining about the noise and waking my youngest daughter up. The "noise" of the wallpaper stripping had not bothered her at all!!!

Anyway my youngest has delighted in helping her dad out and is often to be found wielding a wallpaper stripper but today found her forte in hoovering!!!

She had us both in stitches mimicking her dad who can often be found hoovering on his hands and knees. This is apparently essential as the nasty woodchip wallpaper gets everywhere and is a tricky little sucker to clean up! I am just pleased to be shot of the nasty flower wallpaper and the purple gloss woodchip above it, bare plaster walls is way more preferable. Now to persuade him that sage green and lemon is scrummy for a hallway!!! Oh and the pink carpet is going as well I feel a nice sage green carpet also!

What is happening for the rest of the week? Well tomorrow I am teaching a new student for the day which I am really looking forward to, she found me as a result of the Art and Craft exhibition so that makes it all worthwhile in my book! Tuesday I am doing a sessional lecture for my friend in my old job and from Wednesday onwards it is all hands to the pump getting stuff made for the Big Bead Show on 17th October. Busy busy busy!!!

Right must be off roast pork for dinner and the spuds need sorting see you soon

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