Sunday, 14 March 2010

Green fingers

No beads in this post but some general musing. I want an allotment. Now for those of you who know me you are probably laughing very hard right now!!! Sam....a gardener ha ha ha !!!!!! BUT....I have a fairly big garden and it would not be a major biggie to lose some of it to a little plot where I can grow some bits and pieces that I can use in my kitchen! It would be fab for the girls and would help a little with the shopping bill and enough with the "Good Life" jokes!!!

I believe the waiting list for allotments is quite big cos they are very trendy right now and TBH I am not sure I have the time to give an allotment the care it would need but a little plot in my garden is feasible! It was sunny earlier so I have been out and tidied up a bit and successfully pulled down my rotten fence which has now started me thinking that the time is ripe for some serious thought about a veggie plot! The weather is warming up the frost risk is pretty much passed and it will be nice for me to have something to do with the girls!!! They could weed and help keep it clean.

The question now is what to grow....suggestions please very welcome and if anyone knows of a blog or a website that they think may be helpful I would be grateful I need all the help I can get! Off to take some pictures of the garden so if it happens I have some before and after to show you all.

Other news: Happy Mother's Day to all the mum's out there. I hope you have all had a lovely day and been spoiled by your kids. I got a bacon sarnie and tea in bed and a plant and a great big hug which was lovely. Imogen is home tonight so I hope to get another hug later from her.

My new job as junior sister at my local hospital is going very well I am really enjoying it and hope that I am gonna settle in nicely. They are a great bunch and I am proud to be part of the team there.

I am getting into a routine slowly which means that the bead making is slowly coming back on line! I miss getting up to the shedio as often as I did but I am finding that the ideas are flowing a bit better when I do so a happy medium has been struck. I have also made some Belita Beads (my silver core beads for Troll, Pandora and similar bracelet systems) which I hope to core this week so keep an eye out for them.

I have some bits a pieces that have been languishing for a while so I feel a sale may be in the offing soon, watch this space.

Right best be off dinner to cook an all that

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  1. We only have a tiny vegetable patch but have a lot of success with broad beans and runner beans. Also peas. We seem to get massive crops for not much effort. Cabbages and sprouts fall foul of pidgeons and caterpillars and latterly rabbits - goodness knows where they sprung from. So we have given up trying with them. Also when we got back from a week's holiday last year we found a snail eating its way through the very last carrot top - the rest had alread succumbed. Potatoes do well in an old metal dustbin. Spinach does well if you can keep the slugs off. Cherry tomatoes grow well in a hanging basket. But it's great fun and very therapeutic hard work.