Sunday, 21 March 2010

Mr. Fisher

Mr. Fisher
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This little guy was in my garden this morning. Savannah was so fascinated with him she kept an eye on him for ages making sure our cat did not get him! He soon found a hiding place where he was safe from cat and child LOL!!!

Another sign that spring is well and truly on its way. The frogs are out of hibernation and the garden plants are coming to life, my clematis has buds on it as does the honeysuckle which I butchered last weekend :o/
It was positively gorgeous in my garden today, the rabbits were cleaned out and allowed to run around for most of the afternoon, the cat could be found on the lawnmower storage box in the glorious sunshine and quite simply life was excellent.

I don't think I have felt this well for quite some time and I intend to make sure that feeling carries on

see you soon


  1. Happy Spring Saffie! :)
    It sure does feel good doesn't it?!

  2. most definitely Happy spring to you too Nic