Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Spring time??

I may be slightly premature here but the sun is shining it is quite chilly in the shade but in the sunshine it is very pleasant and I am feeling very spring like! The photo above was taken from a google search of "glass daffodils" (of course it has to be glass!!!) and I love this piece and it seemed simply right to show off today.

I have not had much time to bead of late and was hoping to tonight but I have had to swap my shift so hopefully tomorrow night now! Imogen is off in France till Friday so it is just me Tony and Savannah this week, I am missing her loads and strangely enough missing her bickering with Savannah!!! Aren't we odd!!!

I start my new job proper next week hopefully. I am picking my uniform up today and I have shifts for the next 2 weeks. No real change except I am no longer agency and I have more responsibility but the shifts will be the same maybe a few less late shifts so hopefully more beading time in the evenings yay!!! Despite being told by Tony that they may be making redundancies where he works life is good! Money is tight and potentially gonna get worse but I have my health my family and my friends, a job I love a hobby I adore and I am pleased with my lot!!!


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