Monday, 22 March 2010

Pastel roses

pastel roses
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Hoorah I made some beads this weekend and I am quite pleased with them. Click on the photo to the right and you should go to my Flickr album and see what else I managed to make! They should all be up for sale on my website soon provided Mr. Site lets me upload stuff cos it was not working a couple of weeks ago!

I am pleased with how these ones turned out, once again I have etched them simply cos I adore the etched look but if you like these and want them unetched then get in touch and I can sort that out for you no worries!

I am also quite pleased that I have managed to get some decent colours out of my reicenbach multicolour but I need daylight to catch them properly so you are gonna have to wait hee hee hee



  1. I love these saffie, they are so endearing! :)

  2. Beautful beads - perfect for spring
    Kristin :)