Thursday, 14 January 2010

Pink swirl focal

Originally uploaded by aurorabeadz
I am not generally a focal bead person despite the fact that I love them a lot! I simply find it quite challenging to get enough glass together to get a decent size bead! So I am very pleased with this little beauty! Made with clear glass and some of Val Cox's scrummy pink frit! and a little swirl on each side this is truly a lovely focal bead! And there are little round beads to match! (you can see them in my Flickr album here) I hope to get them up on my website to sell on saturday as I am working all day Sunday! I am also hoping to get another day on the torch tomorrow but I fear that I am brewing a cold! My eyes are so heavy I want to sleep and my nose is tingling does not bode well I am sure! Lets see what happens eh but for now I am having another torch day tomorrow!



  1. She is pretty stunning Sam, I love doing focals its the sets that I have trouble with. Its so lovely and delicate and very girly pink!!

  2. Loving that bead hun! are you at TBBS's this year? Jaye/Mum and I should be at both Hoope to see you xxx

  3. Thank you guys Liz not sure if I will. Costs so much to get table just not sure I can do it this year! definitely not the April one! I may go as a buyer tho not sure yet!