Sunday, 10 January 2010

Light emerald frosties

Light emerald frosties
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I thought frosted beads were appropriate for the current weather conditions across the UK. I have to say things have massively improved in Margate today there is very little evidence of snow and at the moment it is actually raining. I do know that things were quite bad yesterday in Sandwich, Deal and Folkestone, Dover way but here in Margate nothing, de nada, zilch.
Part of me is pleased cos I can send the girls to school tomorrow as they will reopen but I am quite sad not to have had the opportunity to go out and play in it with the girls. I have got some photos of them playing in it which I will upload later hopefully but I did not get the chance to go out in it with them properly!
These beads will be listed on my website later today as well as some more jewellery on my Etsy site sneak previews can be found on my Flickr album here
Stay warm, keep safe