Monday, 25 January 2010

Pink swirls

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It is typical isn't it? I get my mojo back and I am working almost full time and get little time on the torch! Grr........ Should not moan cos I am very content with life at the moment. I am totally loving being a nurse again and have applied for a full time job and I am loving that I have mojo again despite not being in my shedio for the last week. I am not going to get stressed by it things will settle and I will get back into a routine and you guys get the anticipation effect.... hee hee. What will she produce next?

I have just had my delivery of new frits from Val Cox so expect some more fritty swirly beads from me and I am awaiting an order from the USA soon with some Bullseye odds and more coe 96 glass for my fritty beads! You can just bet your bottom dollar that that little package is stuck in customs :o( still it will be worth the wait.

MY huge order from Cool Tools has also arrived so I have some new things for my silver metal clay. Speaking of that I have 3 pendants nearly completed which I hope to finish off this week and post on my website so keep your eyes peeled.

Right I have to go get ready for another shift. Have a good Monday guys and see you soon


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