Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Apologies in advance you might want to skip this post....

....Without getting to melodramatic I have quite frankly had enough! there is nothing about beads or jewellery or my children or anything in this post! so please Iam not offended if you switch off now. Tomorrow will be more interesting and about beads and jewellery and not me! I am having a selfish moment.

I am having some problems with my hormones! Back in August and September I got really low! I have stuggled for a few years now with "depressive" symptoms frankly sometimes I think I am purely and simply miserable; other times I think maybe there is something wrong with me! I came off my anti depressants in February and went back on them in September because my PMT was getting quite severe. Ashamed as I am to admit it but my 2 girls began to be my focus for my increasing anger and my fear of what I might do if I did nothing is what sent me to the GP in the end. Since Sept instead of being low all the time and sinking I feel more up and down. I have really good days where I feel fine but days like today I just sob and get really angry alternately! Seriously what is wrong with me!

Ho hum what can I do? Honestly I just don't know!

Later.....OMG I have just seen that Oliver Postgate has died. That is very sad I watched all of his TV shows I especially loved "The Clangers" and "Bagpuss" but "Noggin the Nog" has a special place in my heart as well! So sad Rest In Peace Oliver Postgate.


  1. Ah Bagpuss, the Clangers and Ivor the engine are my favs - I seemed to miss noggin the nog though:) I am now introducing my son to the delights of these shows. I would much rather he was these than some of what is on these days LOL
    Hope you are feeling a bit better soon - I so know where you are coming from :) Vx

  2. Oh how sad!! I loved the Clangers and Bagpuss but didnt watch noggin the nog but still remember it. I'm sorry you are still not feeling well and very up and down. I just dont know what to suggest!!

  3. Thank you for posting guys I do appreciate it. I am getting there slowly but surely I guess and need to accomodate the bad days!!!