Saturday, 6 December 2008

Silence is golden..

...for my family but not for me!!! I love to talk and enforced silence is like a form of Chinese torture :-) The voice is well and truly gone so I really have to rest it so ensure it comes back soon! I am pretty convinced it is purely a viral laryngitis but I have never lost my voice completely before. On top of that I have the hugest cold sore on my bottom lip so well and truly run down I think!

Enough medical information what other news!

My party went well last night. I made a goodly sum of money which will get loughed back into stock pretty fast! My friend Kirsty came along as well and sold a few bits that she made hopefully she found that a real confidence boost her stuff is lovely. It was fab when she bought it round for me to look at the other day but the improvement since then is fab. It is so hard to say that without sounding patronising but encouragement is so important and the best compliment is someone buying your stuff. Thats why I enouraged her to do it boost confidence an all that!

My koil kutter is on order and I am seriously researching aspect ratio etc for my chain maille so watch this space more chain maille coming I think. If I can get jens pind cracked then I want to use it as the bracelet for my Belita Beads which I want to re launch after Christmas cos they have gone quiet to be able to provide the bracelet system has got to figure highly in this so that is my aim for the new year. Another aim is to crack encasing for my beads I am loving my lampworking at the moment there is no real pressure attached to it and I am having fun. Gonna load my Folksy shop and my website over the next few days so have a look.

Final news I have got a "Credit Crunch" range watch this space and I will let you know, very simple affordable beautiful jewellery coming soon!

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