Thursday, 4 December 2008

What no voice....'s gone, no voice I am rendered mute (ish!!!) I woke up fine but by lunchtime going going and by 3pm gone.....OMG how am I supposed to do a party tomorrow with no bloody voice!!! Argh! Still good thing is that I don't feel unwell not coldy or anything just got sexy husky voice. Mind you the pain is pretty grim!

Good News: I have a tumbler!!! Tony has bought it for me for Christmas and I have just used it. Wow what a result the silver is beautiful slight problem with the flower I have made my mum but I am doing some investigating to sort it out. Worry not guys it is not ruined or damaged but not quite how I want it!

Anyway the party tomorrow is all set up and priced and I am quite impressed really; there are 16 pairs of earrings and a nice selection of necklaces and a nice selection of prices hopefully I can cater for most pockets! Got the wine; got the nibbles I am all ready! Please can I have my voice back!!! :-)

I am off, a few last minute things to make and I'm A Celebrity to watch...


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