Friday, 26 December 2008

January Sale.

In the true tradition of Boxing day I am having a January sale on my website. All beads (except spacer beads) are 20% off as is all the jewellery. Go visit my website and get yourself a bargain Aurorabeadz

What other news. Christmas day was lovely, quiet but lovely. Missed my eldest daughter cos she was with her dad yesterday and it was really quite quiet without her here. Savannah threw a massive paddy at 3 ish and took herself to bed for 2 hours so I played Animal Crossing on my Wii and Tony listened to the copious amounts of CD's that he got for Christmas. Altogether a very peaceful and chilling day! Today will be quite busy as we have the parents to visit. Tony's mum and dad first then to my mum and dad but first Imogen comes home and we get to watch her open all her pressies!

I hope you did not over do the eating yesterday and today the food fest begins again :-)


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  1. Will check your website out and sounds like you christmas was calm just like mine. Happy and Prosperous New Year for you and your family. Elaine x