Wednesday, 17 December 2008

My first blog award

I have got my first award. Elaine from Chatelaine Jewellery has nominated me and I am chuffed! Nice to know my ramblings are read!!! Thank you Elaine. Now the rules are that I must show the award on my website, link to the person who nominated me and nominate other blogs for the award. So....of to think about who to nominate!

Other fingerprint jewellery has really taken off I have 3 orders sitting here with me to finish today and another one to make. I have run out of bloomin clay so I need to get on and order some! I still have not managed to play with my Koil Kutter I have bought some copper wire so I will get to it! only 2 more days at work and then I am off for 2 weeks so I will have a play then! Watch this space for my chain maille jewellery.
My spacer beads are doing very well as well! Despite the fact that I thought making job lots of small round beads would be boring I am finding that it is really good practice. I am really getting the hang of making sets of beads similar sizes and getting really good puckers as well so I am glad I started this.
I have another idea in my head for the new year which I am thinking through so if it goes ahead watch this space and I will give you details soon!
I got my tax return back yesterday and I made £11 profit last tax year (I had only been in business for 3 or 4 weeks) and I have got a bloody bill for £40 odd quid! Ok its not a lot but I pay my tax in the day job and only made £11 profit so WTH is that bill about!!!!!! Makes you wonder why you go legit and above board!!!!
Right gotta go errands to run and jewellery to make!

A bit later.....Right I have thought this through and nominate the following for the award.
1. Melanie Moertel I have just discovered this blog and the beads on here are simply to die for I love them simply scrummy!
2. Sarah Downton I love how Sarah writes in her blog and she imtroduced me to this fantastic world of glass and for that I love her!

Please go see their work you won't be disappointed.

There are loads of people whose work I adore and their blogs are shown on the right of my blog! Dont' foget to have a look at their work and musings as well!!! I am always scouting around and finding more so keep checking back.


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