Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Out with the old and in with the new...

Wow 2008 is very nearly at an end and as many of us do at this time there is some reflection going on for the year past and some looking ahead to the future!

What have I done this year:
  • I started my business up properly and so far so good.
  • Tony and I took the girls to see "Lazytown" back in April which was definitely one of the highlights of the year. Even Imogen enjoyed it even though she thought she might be to old for it!!!
  • My friends wedding in Greece was a fantastic holiday with fantastic company.
  • We have all been generally healthy which is always a blessing. Money has been very tight but we are dealing with that. Christmas would have hurt a bit but I can get us back on track over the next few months.
  • I have made some fantastic friends on the Frit Happens forum and even though I have not met many of them I truly count them among my friends. I have had a few downs this year and they have been a fab source of support during these times. They are also brill for helping me out when I have a question and just for being there. They are a fab bunch.
  • I also have some fantastic "real" friends. You know who you are and thank you for listening to me when I am miserable and for making me laugh! (Paula!)
What are my plans for the New Year:
  • To concentrate on my bead and jewellery business a bit more and get my new ideas off the ground like the tuition and the childrens parties and some other ideas.
  • Enjoy my family.
  • Finish the patio and the garden this year
  • If time and money allow to redecorate the living room and hallway!
I am sure I will add to this list I avoid New year resolutions cos I always break them and then feel crap for not being strong enough so I make a list of things to acheive. Lots of things will depend on the economy and whether or not the building industry is affected by the "recession". Tony is a builder so if they get affected we could be in dire straits but I won't dwell on that, things seem to be ticking along at the moment so fingers crossed all will be ok.

I wish you all a very happy new year and I hope you get everything you wish for 2009. I wish you happiness and health. I look forward to blogging in 2009 and this will be quite nice to refer back to on 31st December 2009 and see how my year has gone.

What are your plans for the new year?


  1. Good luck with all your achievements past and future. I hope I am one of those new friends as I feel you are one of mine and enjoyed meeting you in 2008 and we must meet at the Flame-Off again. I am always here for my friends and you are no exception. Love and good health for 2009!!

  2. You are most definitely Elaine! Can't wait for the Flame Off have you seen my ticker tape!!! ;-)