Friday, 13 November 2009


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Another necklace to share with you guys! This is my focal bead and one of my hammered silver rings with a gorgeous ribbon by Diane at Sowzere.

The jewellery party went well sold a few bits and will hopefully get a couple of orders for fingerprint jewellery. And on that note today is the final day for orders for fingerprint jewellery at Savannah's school fair. I have 2 orders for the day so far and 2 orders at different times from the advert so not a bad response at all I think. I did have hopes of being absolutely flooded with requests but in hindsight that was a little naive. It is all about advertising and I did make a huge faux pas with the order form and information. I completely forgot to add my website address doh!!! Will take loads of business cards and leaflets to the fair with me to make up for that and there will be plenty of time for orders to be completed before Christmas.

Right best be off, Savannah is home cos she was ill last night so my shedio day has disappeared but I am finally going to get the stamps made for my art clay pendants! Photos later xx


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