Sunday, 29 November 2009

Rose lentils

Rose lentils a
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My mojo has returned and I am very happy. I made 3 sets last night and this is a close up of one of the sets! They can all be found for sale on my website here

Other news: I am quite busy putting shifts in at the hospital to earn some money and get us back on the straight and narrow! Thankfully I am getting plenty of work so that is good!

From a jewellery perspective things are quite busy as well what with everyone getting ready for Christams. I had a jewellery party on Friday but you will never believe what I did............I left my box of jewellery at home. It was an hour long round trip to get them and as many of the guests had not arrived I decided not to bother. We are going to do it in the New Year now! Honestly I could not believe it!!!



  1. No wonder you're pleased with these, Saffie. They are stunning. How annoying with that Christmas party, don't work too hard!