Sunday, 15 November 2009

Nightmare before Christmas

I am still practicing with my polymer plates and making stamps for use in my silver metal clay. A friend was totally impressed with my Jack Skeleton pendants I made a couple of weeks ago and asked me if I could make a set of the characters from NBC. So I did. I have learned quite a lot whilst making the stamps and also about using the stamps and sadly the finished pieces were not quite what she had envisaged (or me for that matter) but it is fine as I learnt a lot, expensive lesson but worthwhile.

2 of the charms have little "splits" in them so I cannot sell them but Imogen has bagged them for herself bless her but Oogie Boogie and Lock Shock and Barrel (shown here) will be on sale later today in my website. Just gotta finish them off with holes and a bit of a polish up!

Hope you have all had a restful weekend and not too damaged by yesterdays strong winds and torrential rain! See you soon

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