Monday, 16 November 2009


So for the first time in over a week I think, I finally have some shedio time. I dip my mandrels turn on the kiln come indoors for a cuppa and some toast and at 10.30 off I go up my shedio! 1 hour later..... I give up! I can't make a round bead today my puckers are decidely dodgy, naff sharp edges and when I try to correct them I get lopsided beads!!! Grrrr.......OK make some nugget beads I have an order for and chill. Make 6 of them quite happily go back to round beads. Nope.... not happening..... so I think make small dotty beads. Start to pull stringer and think whats the point they don't sell...... so gave up for today!

Turned off the oxycon and propane, skipped segment on my kiln and it is now ramping down with 3 round beads (2 of which are not even worth the fugly box) and 6 nugget beads for an order! Meh!!!!!

We all have em and today is officially my bad day! Picture above courtesy of Google image search for "bad day" !!!

Hope your Monday is way better than mine! :o)



  1. That all sounds soooo familiar! Hopefully your week is improving :-)

  2. Hope you have had better luck since then! Chin up it happens to us all ~ all the time actually, Hee hee !!!!