Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Bags and beads and job interview!

I have made a bag!! Actually I have made loads but this is the final finished version! I am quite chuffed with it and think that over the next few days / weeks I will be making these to sell!!! I have not had much beading time these last few days so when I have finished writing this I am off up the studio, the kiln is warming up as we speak and a few ideas are bubbling! Don't think it is going to be a spectacular day but it will be nice to sit up there and make beads.

I have challenged Tony to come up with a system for me to hold 2 mandrels together so I can make glass buttons for my bags. There is a system available but only in the US so I thought I could challenge him to rig me something up! Watch this space!

One final piece of news totally unrelated to beads or bags! I have an interview for a new job on 30th June. Got to do a 10 minute presentation so got loads of stuff about that floating around my head as well now!!!

Right best be off kiln time is a wasting...... and I gotta make more goodies for you guys to drool over and buy ;o) (please!)

Have a lovely day

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