Friday, 19 June 2009


Yay I have done it. These are round (well virtually!!!) As round as you can get I think! I am totally in love with them so gonna make some more today! I feel the return of my "Dotty Mayhem" series! These little beauties took about 15 mins each to make which is heck of a long time for me! I usually like quick fix beads which maybe why so many of my beads are little but these were a total joy to make and the possibilities are endless! Mmm...think I will get my rubino out again as well.

These wil be up for sale next Wednesday 24th June, this is part of my effort to get organised and so you guys know when new stock is available. Keep your eye on my "Bead Forecast" to find out when new stock will be listed!

So what d'ya think? I love them do you?



  1. They're gorgeous Sam, hope you're ok xxx

  2. Hi Becci,
    thank you and yes doing ok actually thanks will email you later

  3. I like these better than all the rest of your beads.

  4. Love em, but I am a true 'Red Lover'!! Hee hee! I really like the dots which are off centre they are fab!! But I am odd that way!!! :0))