Wednesday, 10 June 2009

What have I been up to?

I am still off sick from work but I am gradually feeling more like Sam again. I am taking my time tho and my GP is being fantastically supportive I want to be ok to return to work and not risk going off sick again very soon after I return . So I find myself in an unusual position. I have guilt for not being at work and worry that people will think I am "swinging the lead" but my head was such a complete mess I owe it to myself, my family and my colleagues to get myself 100% sorted and not just 50 % or 60 %.

Anyway I am throwing myself into my beadmaking and jewellery making and I am finding it all very therapuetic. This afternoon will be a sewing afternoon I have some patterns drawn up for small handbags and I am dying to try them out! I spent yesterday finishing off the tutorial for Beads and Beyond magazine that I have been asked to do! The picture above is a little taster of what I have made but you will have to wait till the August issue to see it in it's full glory! Although I am biased I am totally in love with it I think it is fab and totally wearable!

Don't forget my prize draw see post below for details only 2 days to go.

Right best be off, I am looking after my sisters 5 cats whilst she is away camping so I need to go round her house and feed them!!!



  1. Absolutely stunning work! I've tagged you over on my blog..take a look.

  2. This is a pretty set of beads! Beautiful silver lentil!

    I'm sorry about your struggles. I can hear you on health issues. My struggle is migraines at the moment. None of it fun and the work guilt! Yes. I hear you. I'm glad you have some good things in the pipeline and that the beads have been therapeutic. I have found that for me as well.