Friday, 26 June 2009

Following on from yesterday....

...I have been having dreams about jewellery! The picture above is a pendant I have just finished! The silver comes from a small amount I had left over from my silversmithing course once again a very simple design but I think it looks totally gorgeous! Perhaps not everyones taste in bead but the skies the limit with this design must go and order some silver!!! And I just got my soldering kit so I am hoping to do some very simple soldering so expect more of my glass beads with silver!!!

Thank you so much to everyone who read my post yesterday and commented and those who did not comment I know a lot of you have taken the time to read it. I think it is a topic close to many peoples hearts in the handmade / craft industry especially those trying to sell. I also think it is such an important topic for us to share with those who purchase our goods so they can understand we just don't pluck a number out of the air and multiply it by 3 there is [some kind of] logic to how we reach our price! I was quite secretive about how I price my stuff but now realise this was because I was embarrassed to reveal it and now I realise this may be foolish. If people see how much our materials cost etc then a more transparent business can be achieved! Value once again.

Anyway I hope you like my pendant, let me know what you think I enjot seeing your comments and it makes me feel like I am not talking to myself!!!



  1. Sam, I think your pendant is absolutely gorgeous!! Looking forward to see how you develop with your soldering kit :-) Julie x

  2. You know I love it don't ya. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.