Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Proud to announce.... new idea!

I am making bags as well as glass beads and jewellery! The picture above is my first bag that is good enough to be sold! It is a bit skewiff! The handles are not in line is finished well and looks totally lush, very summery and holiday like I think and to top it all off a matching bracelet.
This set is available to purchase in my Etsy shop and I hope it will be followed very quickly with other goodies!

Been quiet on the beading front due to my new obsession with sewing and also that it is quite warm during the day and we have had a couple of storms and some nights where storms threaten and I don't like putting the kiln on when it is thundering. still hoping to get a full day torching tomorrow (provided the sewing machine does not kidnap me on my way past ;o) )

The auction I ran on Just Beads flopped abysmally. I am not sure why to be honest. I think the website is new and just getting going again many of the lampwork auctions had no bids against them so I don't think it was me or my beads. I think I will give it a few months and have another look then!

Right best be off! Thanks for dropping by.

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  1. Love the fabric really bright and cheerful, well it is my favourite colour, RED!! Bag is terrific!