Saturday, 13 September 2008

Hoorah for the weekend...

It's Saturday once again. How sad that we measure our lives in weekends (or I do anyway!) Is that indicative of something???
Anyway not a bad week overall teaching restarted at work so I got a bit busier, 2 weeks time it really kicks off in earnest. I am teaching 3 days a week and have one day a week off so my other day is going to be a bit hectic I think but hey ho! I am finding it a little hard at the moment getting my head around working for 4 days a week but basically getting 5 days a week work crammed in. I still have lesson prep etc to do and I really do try not to work at home in the evenings not least because evenings is my time for the torch.
After successfully selling a large proportion of my stock (thank you Lesley I hope you like them!!Please send me pictures!) I have been getting my head down a bit to re supply the shop. The tricky thing is that I have "The Big Bead Show" on 1st November and I need stock for that so I have decided that half of what I make will go up on the website and the other half I will keep back for the show. Gotta decide what to put up for sale and what to keep back
now! what else to report? Imogen has settled into senior school quite nicely. I think we have all fallen back into the morning routine quite nicely, always seems quite a shock after 6 weeks off over the summer. It is getting damper in the mornings now and I don't imagine it will be long before the heating has to go on...actually perhaps I should stick it on for hour or so just to check it is running ok!
Not a lot else to report really. Keep your eyes peeled on the website new stock will be up by the end of the weekend.

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