Thursday, 4 September 2008

Whoo hoo girly weekend looming...

This weekend is the annual Center Parc 6 jaunt to...yes you guessed it...Center Parcs. This is the 3rd year we have done it and should be fab except for one thing. One of our number is currently in hospital and it is looking unlikely that she will make it with us. Gutted...!!!
This weekend consists of 6 friends generally chillin out in some fantastic scenery. We treat ourselves to a spa session, we take our bikes, we go riding. We eat drink, go swimming and just have a wicked time! 3 of the gang are childminders so they get an opportunity to get away from the kids for a few days so do us mum's! Leave the children with the men!!!
I can't wait I do enjoy this weekend, may be the last one for a couple of years cos things are a bit tight finacially and although I could save cos it isn't that expensive it is a bit unfair on the OH that I get a treat and he doesn't. So next year off then start again the year after! Anyway next year the youngest starts school!!!

What else is there to report? Imogen's first day at senior school went well, she only got lost twice!!! She came home full of it and seemed to thoroughly enjoy her day. I walked her to school again this morning but I think that may be it now, street cred and all that!!! As long as she does not walk alone I am cool with it!

Bead wise things have been very good today I have sold 3 things from my site overnight, I get a real buzz from that. Not making money but that someone likes the look of my stuff enough to want to buy it. What a cool feeling! The money I do make from my beads goes straight back into feeding my obsession with glass! Basically I am feeding my habit!!!!!!!

I am really interested to know who else reads this blog or if I am talking to myself... There is a follower gadget to the right of this page. Please take the time to sign up so I can see who follows me!!!

Right I best be off, got work to do!
TTFNx fact about half nine!!! What a waste of time putting my kiln on I made a load of tut this evening. I knew I was due a bad evening but why today!!! I got some new glass from CIM and wanted to play and nothing went right! AAARRRGHHHH!!!! that's it for 4 days now what a shitty note to end on for a few days eh!!! oh well, can't win em all i guess!!!
See you on 9th


  1. Have a good weekend, hope the weather will be kind but its not guaranteed. Sorry!! I've got a show saturday so I know it wont be kind.

  2. I got some of your lovely beads today! You made me smile about not making money because I sell my jewellery but I never make any profit 'cos I always spend it on more beads!
    Enjoy your break.