Saturday, 20 September 2008

My little rant

Why are there patronising people around? My poor grandad fell and cut his head open on wednesday evening so a trip to A&E followed. As he is 82 years old and had fallen they wanted to admit him. My grandad refused! He is mentally competent and fully capable of making up his own mind but the hospital were a bit unhappy that he wanted to go home! Anyway, my sister and I refused to coerce him although we were a bit unhappy to let him go home we respected his decision.
When the nurse came along to review his scalp wound she spoke to grandad and said that he was going home against medical advice. Her attitude towards him was completely patronising there was a total lack of respect for him and generally I felt that as he is 82 and had fallen he was obviously stupid and should be treated as such. I was so angry I couldn't even put a coherent sentence together and I just left the cubicle. Both me and my sisters are qualified nurses and were quite frankly disgusted at the lack of respect. I teach nurses now and one of my principles is that all patients should be treated with respect and that is not just my that is a general principle supported by our code of conduct etc. How dare she speak to my grandad like that, who the hell does she think she is. Needless to say I spoke to the nurse in charge and raised my concerns which were taken on board.

Anyway my grandad is fine, nice black eye and big cut on his head which has been glued!

I have not had any time to do beads lately and my planned photo session for tonight has had to be postponed cos my hubby is not well! I am beginning to get withdrawal!!!

Sorry for rant, normal service will be resumed soon promise!!!

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