Sunday, 21 September 2008

Hoorah... last I have got some new stock on my website. My poor hubby has been a bit unwell so a couple of days later than I planned but we got some pictures done and I have just posted them! I have kept some back for the bead fair in November and I need to get going this week on doing more beads!

I have had a fairly bead free weekend actually. Today was spent down the beach watching the kite festival. We went to the festival last year and really enjoyed it. Both Tony and I enjoy kite flying - not just your general little kite but we dabble in (beginner!!!) stunt kite flying! Follow this link for an idea of what I mean! This website is one of the exhibitors flying today. Carl is one of 2 men in the UK who can fly 3, 2 line kites at the same time. That means he is in control of 6 lines at any time! Tony has just asked me to let you know that that is one kite in his left hand one kite in his right hand and the 3rd controlled by his hips!!! (and a harness!!!) Pretty spectacular stuff really.

I quite fancy powerkiting!!!!

I have got some pictures of the various kites but haven't downloaded them yet I will post them when I have!

Ah well, best be off

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