Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Day 2

So today is my second day back at work...and I am marking again already!!! Think it is post holiday blues but everyone seemed at little down when I got to the office yesterday! So...Hopefully things wil brighten up. Not the blessed weather though. It is raining cats and dogs here today!
Where does that saying come from? So in true off the wall Sam fashion here is strange but true fact of today!!! The probable source of 'raining cats and dogs' is the prosaic fact that, in the filthy streets of 17th/18th century England, heavy rain would occasionally carry along dead animals and other debris. The animals didn't fall from the sky, but the sight of dead cats and dogs floating by in storms could well have caused the coining of this colourful phrase. http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/raining%20cats%20and%20dogs.html
so...now you know!!! I tell ya come along an read my blog and you just never know what little factoids you might come away with eh!!! maybe that could become a regular feature! What do you think avid reader? would this be a nice little feature..not daily but maybe weekly! Mmmm...something for me to mull over!
Bead wise I am making stuff still, but haven't listed yet this week. I have managed to get a stand at "The Big Bead Show" in November so I need to get making so I have enough stock to do this! Follow this link for more info https://www.ashdown.co.uk/library/Thebigbeadshow/2007/index.asp

OMG what have I done! scary....

Better be off work to do an all that but I will be back soon

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  1. I enjoyed that little bit of historic nostalgia regarding the rain. I'm sure most people wonder sometime in their life where that saying comes from!! Thanks nice bit of trivia! Elaine