Tuesday, 9 September 2008

wow what a day...

Hi there. Well my weekend away was lovely. The weather was not to grand but we had it mild compared to the west of the country! Spa was fab as usual and just generally chillin was really nice. I knwo I have just had summer holidays off but this was just me with some mates all just kicking back! Not children, no housework etc!! Nice!!!

When I got home I found that there was an email waiting for me on the website asking for a price on all...yes you heard right ALL of my beads. Not my silver core beads but all of the others!!! OMG!! and then today this same lady bought em all!!! I am now totally cleaned out of stock, well almost. Don't get me wrong I am stunned and dead chuffed that someone likes my work and bought it. But... I have a show in a around 6 weeks and no beads!!! AArgh!!!

right anyway had an evening on the torch tonight and made a few I think are quite promising! will do show and tell tomorrow hopefully!

Getting late off to bed now so see ya tomorrow

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  1. Glad you had a good weekend we do need to 'chill' no and again. Glad your lady come back to buy! Congrats:D