Saturday, 8 November 2008

Charlie Boorman

Been out and about today and Charlie Boorman was signing books in Waterstones so I got a picture. He is quite delish but even better if Ewan MacGregor had have been with him!!!!LOL!!!
I have bought some bullseye glass today to try out. It is different from the glass I usually use so I gotta do a bit of research on it but I am quite excited by it! Lets see what I get from it!


  1. NO WAY!!!! NO WAY!!!! OMG!!!! Charlie Boorman!!! Ok - teenage girlie moment over now!!

  2. I know!!! gutted Ewan was not with him that would really have made my day!

  3. Thought you might like this.... A Funny video of Charlie Boorman as Rambo Here is the Link...